Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The secret to keep your ERP project on time and on budget! - eresource Infotech

The secret to keep your ERP project on time and on budget! - eresource Infotech

Using ERP to Improve the Manufacturing Process

Enterprise Resource Planning is a data management suite that provides streamlined business solutionsfor the manufacturing sector. With powerful data analysis, comprehensive process automation and exceptional tracking capabilities, you can easily program ERP to manage your manufacturing and distribution processes. ERP's comprehensive capabilities increase operational productivity and ensure efficiency at all levels of your organization.

ERP offers full integration into your existing infrastructure. This integration creates a single, common portal through which employees completes tasks. Data collection and analysis, reports, and system programming also take place via this portal. This results in an intuitive work platform that allows for increased efficiency and improved workflow.
ERP's extensive capabilities give you the ability to automate the majority of your business's functions, from back office tasks such as human resources administration, invoicing and payroll to the manufacturing process itself. With ERP, you can program and automate computerized tasks, as well as supplies orders, shipment management and sales tracking. 

Data Analysis
ERP's exceptional data analysis capabilities allow you to analyze every level of your supply chain, ensuring accurate financial and supply chain management. ERP allows you to analyze your manufacturing processes, manage delivery statistics and monitor staff productivity. ERP gives the ability to gather, store and access vital business information, allowing you to monitor, analyze and improve your business's sales, competitiveness, efficiency and overall productivity.

Back Office
ERP offers comprehensive back office support. Businesses can use ERP to manage staffing development, payroll, invoicing, billing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and human resources tasks such as productivity analysis, hiring processes, backgrounds and hourly rate analysis.

Customer Service
ERP is a powerful data management solution that is optimized for the manufacturing sector. Comprehensive data analysis and tracking capabilities allow you to maintain traceability and accountability of your entire supply chain, and easily fulfill your clients' needs while improving your manufacturing processes and streamlining your materials sourcing. ERP even helps you optimize your back office processes. With ERP, you can easily improve your firm's productivity and efficiency, ensuring profitability, expansion and long term success.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Make Your Business Process More Efficient.

       Organizations must realize that after the implementation of an effective ERP system all of its process becomes more efficient. ERP system will help all the major decision making including even retaining a client. However, the organization that plans to implement an ERP system must be well prepare to integrated the system effectively. 

       Organizations are advised to seek the help of an external consultant to find out how suitable is the organizations when it comes to working with an ERP system. The external consultants are capable of evaluating and they identify the effective needs of the moment. 

        It is a good idea if the decision about an ERP project could be carried out by a team of professionals from both internal and external for a more adequate design. This is because the main aim is not just about purchasing software, but to order all the pieces to match with it. In most cases some internal processes need to be redesigned before implementing an ERP. In addition to this, software is often modified to fit the ERP according to the enterprise objectives and activities. The combination must be as perfect as possible.  Read More...

The ultimate economical ERP framework in India

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