Thursday, October 17, 2013

ERP for Printing and Packaging

An ERP package for your printing and packaging solution

The only thing that is constant in the Printing and Packaging industry is the challenge. Challenges are of different types, like managing the cost, optimum allocation of machine, indefinite delivery time, shorter fluctuating demand cycles, high raw material costs and low-price competition, last but not the least is the complex production processes. Besides the competition in this industry is intense which simply means the business processes need to be more efficient in order to increase profitability. With decades of industry experience behind its powerful Printing and Packaging ERP software solution, eresource understand the unique challenges the Industry face routinely.

eresource's Industry-specific ERP solution for Printing industry addresses the production process including Master Plate Making, Cutting, Printing, Varnish, Powdering, Punching, Wrapping, Pre Lamination, Stamping, Efluting, Embossing, Pasting and many other dynamics.

Being a web based ERP solution, the biggest advantage of eresource ERP is with its real time capabilities and the ability to see what is going on with your company and all its branches across different geographical locations, as it happens. For your Printing and Packaging business, eresource is handy tool that will help you with visibility of all your information at just one central screen.

eresource ERP provides the solid operational backbone for your business. The system enables your business to function promptly, which will able to improve the volume of production and fulfillment of orders while reducing costs.

Tangible benefits:

Improves the productivity of process and personnel
Lowering the cost of products and services purchased
Paper and postage cost reductions
Inventory reduction
Lead time reduction
Reduced stock obsolescence
Faster product / service look-up and ordering saving time and money
Automated ordering and payment, lowering payment processing and paper costs

Intangible benefits:

Increases organizational transparency and responsibility
Accurate and faster access to data for timely decisions
Can reach more vendors, producing more competitive bids ;
Improved customer response
Saves enormous time and effort in data entry ;
More controls thereby lowering the risk of mis-utilization of resources
Facilitates strategic planning
Uniform reporting according to global standards

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