Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Suitably optimized ERP for Small and Medium sized organizations

It is not a secret that with advent of eresource in the ERP market, there is a tremendous change in the way organizations used to operate. It was believed that ERP was meant only for the big organizations. That is because almost all the leading ERP system available in the market were mainly developed their application to suit these big organizations.

eresource has realized that majority of the organizations in the manufacturing sector were small and medium categories and their operations are managed with average 100 or less than employees. This has inspired us to develop an ERP application that will suit and benefit this majority category. Gradually, realizing the benefit of our ERP solution, many of these smaller manufacturers have started adopting eresource ERP which is suitably optimized for smaller operations.

Web-based resource ERP is becoming a driving force in the manufacturing sector. There is no doubt our system is getting smarter with very implementations. Computer power that was once reserved for network servers is now embedded in shop floor equipment. This is not the only advantage. Advanced ERP system like eresource application allows users of ERP system to work anywhere anytime.

Web-based eresource ERP also has unique way of functionality with its dynamic modeling. Advanced ERP systems like eresource ERP consider order lead times and may even have a list of substitute parts and alternate suppliers but the actual heuristics used to determine quantities and order times do not change.

eresource ERP has been incorporated with all the modules that are required for the functioning of a manufacturing division with the latest functionalities.

It is also important that small and medium sized manufacturing organizations must consider using the web-based ERP solution instead of outdated legacy systems or other traditional ERP system. While selecting an ERP, the manager must make decisions based not only on vendors supply and customer's demand, but on vendor's projections and customers' expectations.

Small and medium-sized businesses are the major beneficiaries of ERP system and they are the main force that pushed the ERP growth in India. Inflexibility of earlier ERP systems from SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft pushed the customization drive. Customers are moving from best-of-breed to a best-for-business approach, implying that they prefer extensions to their existing ERP for applications like planning and optimization, business intelligence and knowledge management. This has resulted in emergence of eresource ERP, an effective web-based ERP package.

The requirements of each company differ in terms of standard industry practices and unique practices. eresource ERP system caters to every need of an organization. The system is integrated with componentized solutions with standard modules and specific functionality to address the unique process.

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