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eresource 3GL, one of the best FMS (Fleet Management System)

Logistic companies which have their own fleet of trucks or any other transporting vehicles need a flexible and efficient FMS - Fleet Management System for their administration. The fleet management system developed by eresource is indispensable to a fleet manager, in order to increase profitability, the availability and efficient use of the fleet of vehicles. eresource has an exclusive fleet management ERP system to offer for logistic industry. The system has been named as eresource 3GL is one of the comprehensive fleet management systems , which can help fleet management companies gain upper hand in their operational methods. eresource 3GL addresses major challenges faced by fleet management industry today. Till now the industry has been lacked by a proper and effective ERP solution that could tackle their business challenges. With the introduction of eresource 3GL industry have found a suitable ERP system which suites their budget and requirements.

What makes eresource 3GL special?

eresource 3GL is an exclusive web-based Fleet Management System that can virtualize your fleet. It is an end-to-end solution integrated with required modules for fleet owners and operators allowing them virtual remote-control visibility and security in real-time over mobile resources.

Following are the some of the highlights eresource 3GL system.

    The system can control increasing fleet running costs and fleet maintenance expenses, and maximize fleet utilization through multiple optimization techniques.
    It enables to track vehicles in real-time and identify the location of a vehicle on a map.
    Obtain real-time data feeds on performance of vehicular components, driving patterns, and cargo-hold parameters
    Automation of dispatch of jobs.
    Quickly respond to customer requests/orders ?
    Provide customers with visibility into real-time order-fulfillment status, and forecast information of delivery timelines.

3GL ERP system for Fleet Management can help you overcome overhead expenses, unexpected break-fix scenarios and downtime due to neglected fleet vehicles and equipment. The system serves as a ready resource for fleet maintenance history, fuel usage, and driver details also can be managed. Important areas such as vehicle insurance, asset management, tire management, inventory management, LR management as well as all expenses associated with operating your fleet of motor vehicles and other mechanical assets can be managed easily with the system.

eresource ERP for Fleet Management is a powerful business application that based on master configuration, which allows you to easily create individual vehicle configurations and maintenance plans.

Driver management module in the system will allow the fleet management companies to schedule and manage drivers efficiently. As the system will help you to track the time behind the wheel of each drivers and it can also watch that required breaks are taken and meet some regulatory requirements at the same time. Drivers are an important part of your fleet, and our system also helps you track their current driving licenses and accident rates. One of the most useful benefits of eresource 3GL ERP system for fleet management is the ability to record and monitor costs to operate your fleet. Also can keep track of all maintenance record of each vehicles. It will be easy for you to see when one vehicle needs more maintenance than another and reason for this could be ascertained and proper measures could be taken to avoid such unnecessary expenses.

All together eresource 3GL is a unique ERP system for fleet management and to get further information and a LIVE DEMO of the system you could write to us or call us today.

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Why construction companies can’t do without an ERP system

People who works in the construction industry knows how difficult it is to overcome unpredictable scenarios  during a project and the same can take its toll on the whole project. There is lot to be done to overcome to make the work successful and profitable.

With the introduction exclusive ERP solution for construction industry, there is a big relief for this kind of scenarios as this system can help the construction companies to have a well planned working strategy with every single project.

Today every construction company need to have an efficient and intelligent ERP system that satisfies most requirements while also offering the efficiency and risk mitigation. eresource nfra ERP system for Construction and Infrastructure is a fully integrated construction ERP software solution that can take care of every need of a construction company.

eresource nfra ERP system has been specifically designed to deal with the complexities of resource management, job costing, analyzing and billing for project-based civil engineering and construction projects.

When it comes to Construction and Infrastructure project, management of equipment and labour management are two major areas that is extremely difficult to manage.  It becomes easy for the Construction companies to manage labour and equipment when these companies are implemented with a efficient ERP system such as eresource nfra. Not only labour and equipment construction companies will not able to make desired profit from each project if they are not backed with a suitable accounting software. Eresource nfra ERP for Construction industry has been  integrated with a powerful account module the project cost, timelines and customer management can be handled smoothly and efficiently. The system is also have a CRM (customer relationship management) modules that could take care of all your customer dealings effectively.   Unless the project works are not managed by automated ERP system like eresource nfra every project would become more complex and this will ultimately affect the outcome of the project's profit margin.

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Suitable ERP for infrastructure and construction companies

Infrastructure and construction ERP companies are known for having a large site network. Today's rapid business environment demands these companies to have on-line information on daily work progress. It is required for better planning and effective payment system.

eresource nfra ERP is integrated with suitable modules that helps the management to get data from the sites on a daily basis. There is no need of expensive hardware installations. What you need at the site is only a PC and Internet connection and your work is done.

eresource nfra ERP has a number of implementations in the construction and infrastructure field in its credit. It makes us happy when he hears our customers say they were able to recover the investment that they have made in our ERP solution within a year.

The first and most important benefit of eresource nfra ERP solution is that information has now become completely transparent and seamless. There is no scope for malpractices or hoarding information. With a smooth information flow, decision-making has also become much quicker. Processes like purchasing materials have been automated and have been immense benefit from the solution.

Here are some of the key benefits of eresource nfra ERP for construction and infrastructure.

    All offices, branches with its department and site offices are now connected on a single platform
    Free flow of Information between departments
    Effective fund management
    Overview of the projects and instant availability of data and reports

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eresource ERP LifeScience software is helping drive the change

a way to benchmark compliance, improve processes and keep up with the pace of business. 

How do we avoid Quality and Compliance Oversights?

How do we stay in line with Good manufacturing practices (GMP)?

Budgets have decreased for R&D due to pricing norms leading to low profitability in a highly volatile market?

How do we bring in cutting edge ideas, convert them into implementable business processes, encouraging continuous innovation extending far beyond Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for a product?

All such questions above are generally faced by most pharmaceutical companies.

At a corporate level, quality and compliance management in heavily regulated pharmaceutical environments is a tricky endeavor. After all, success in the areas of quality and compliance can only be achieved when a multitude of variables are controlled and continually maintained. From document control to CAPA control, and from audit to CRO management, quality and compliance, to avoid oversights, requires full attention and/or automation over all pertinent details.

Key Benefits

Holistic approach, consolidating, integrating and streamlining all the business processes, helping to keep track of sensitive functions, such as:

    Compliance with legal regulation.
    Formulation and Recipe management.
    Real-time bi-directional material traceability.
    Batch tracking in WIP, and Yield reconciliation.
    Lot Management.
    Effective management of BMR/BPR as per GMP.
    Wastage elimination through expiry management.
    In Process Quality Control (IPQC) system, Inspection and certificate analysis.
    Shorten production cycles, maintaining high quality standards across processes and optimize the use if resources.
    Single source of centralized data, effective and clear analytical reporting, leading to quick decision making.

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