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By making users change their passwords on a regular basis, you can add an additional layer of security. And, data encryption, firewalls, and other measures can help you keep hackers, cyber-criminals, and other outsiders far away from your ERP database.
Educate everyone so that they understand what is going to be achieved with the new system. Additional education should include total quality management and change management strategies.
The system will automatically check for the compliance for most of the standard rules. As such, a number of routine work will disappear. However, with the information system in place, many of the middle level managers can be empowered to perform far more interesting analysis,
The most successful ERP projects are led by a member of the management team who has actively participated in both the software selection and implementation efforts. When selecting your project manager, choose the one who has the most to gain from the ERP system.
E-business is defined as the use of electronically enabled communication networks that allow business enterprises to transmit and receive information.
Lower operational expenses: Data migration is a one-off activity triggered by certain circumstances. The data migration tool or solution reinforces the organization's resources which can remain focused on its ongoing continuous core activities.
ERP system is a fully integrated business management system covering functional areas of an enterprise like Finance, Human Resources, Production, Sales and Logistics etc
An ERP packages touches the entire organization and can affect nearly every employee. In some cases, an ERP project manager may not be able to know who will be affected, which can lead to some nasty surprises. One mismanaged ERP implementation can lead to huge loss of time and money.
Sometimes big named companies would issue a sub contract to smaller implementing companies, but usually and for some reasons such implementations fail.
The information in the ERP daily orders report, for example, can provide information that will help in better decision-making and can be of use to the decision-makers in more than one department.
Information transparency and real-time business intelligence can lead to shorter cash-to-cash cycle times. Reduced inventory levels and increased inventory turns across the network can lower overall costs.
Information transparency and real-time business intelligence can lead to shorter cash-to-cash cycle times. Reduced inventory levels and increased inventory turns across the network can lower overall costs.
Here ERP has the role of an enabler of the TQM principles and philosophies. ERP is also benefited by the implementation of TQM. Effective use of TQM creates better performing ERP systems
S&OP is a proven process to bridge the gap between manufacturing and sales. In fact, S&OP is likely to reduce the quantity of communication, but substantially increase the quality of communication between manufacturing and sales regarding demand and supply.
BI solution could be a combination of Data-warehouse, dashboards, ad-hoc reporting etc. In the simplest terms, BI is just a facilitator for reporting and hence it is the decision making solution for Businesses so that they can cut costs and hence increase profits.
A much easier approach is the idea of components where separate, encapsulated software code is written that is easier to manage, upgrade and connect to host systems
choosing an ERP package? finally you must remember that you can't get everything you want. Do accept that there is always going to be a functionality gap. Usually, you have to let 10% go. If the gap is more than that then you must look further.
These people will be the ERP team representatives in each department. It is a nice idea that these people have a dual reporting relationship; with their managers and with the ERP in-charge. It will also be useful to convene meetings of these people once in a while, so that they can share knowledge and compare notes.
The ERP tools that are implemented are another area that needs maintenance. The project manager should be in regular contact with the vendors to see whether any upgrades or updates are available
Eresource ERP, India's leading web-based ERP solution is integrated with all these latest modules and therefore can be termed as extended ERP or ERP II.
Eresource ERP provides a framework within which textile industries can organize their business and manufacturing know-how to create a vital management resource.
eresource has recently introduced a novel system by providing the client only the modules what they required. This new package allows the customer to choose an ERP system with modules required for them. By purchasing this filtered ERP modules organizations will able to implement an ERP system within their limited budget and their employees can enjoy working in a comfortable environment of an ERP system.
This also known as practical knowledge is derived from their expertise, which stems from practical experience, because the consultants have seen many project and have made or seen many mistakes, they can avoid the phenomenon of 're-inventing the wheel'.
Successful implementations of financials show up immediately reinforcing the faith of an organization in ERP
The performance assessment will not serve the purpose if these determinants are not taken into account. Besides, any other measure deemed to result in the benefit of ERP should be accounted for.
ERP implementation can dramatically improve business processes. But when an implementation fails huge amounts of money and effort could be misspent.
New software and processes may be unfamiliar to the users. Hence, there may be problems with the quality of the work, and consequently the system may not operate as it was hoped. To avoid this, it is critical that users get the appropriate training at the right time.
ERP combines all the business requirements of the company together into a single, integrated software program that runs off a single database so that the various departments can more easily share information and communicate with each other.
ERP can be used not only to automate transactional and laborious business processes but also to redesign the work management systems in an organization. ERP improves coordination and information access across organizational units, thereby allowing for more effective management of task interdependence.
Whenever the processes represented in the ERP software differ significantly from the processes used by the firm one has two options.
This application also making a good communication with the end users in a language they understand well. Another major factor for end users accepting this application is that training and skills to use eresource ERP can be developed quite easily
This application also making a good communication with the end users in a language they understand well. Another major factor for end users accepting this application is that training and skills to use eresource ERP can be developed quite easily
Some companies limit the scope of their ERP software to a few vital applications that will help them streamline processes or make information more easily available. A company that wanted to just integrate accounting and finance with payroll, for example, also could use an ERP solution.
Product designers, both for manufacturing and service companies can capture customer information in real-time, refining their products for greater market appeal or customizing them for key customers
Before implementing an ERP software the organization needs to analyze current processes, identify non-value adding activities and redesign the process to create value for the customer, and then develop an ERP system package to suit the organizations requirements.
The project management team should make sure that even after the external consultants and vendor representatives leave the system will run smoothly.
Supply chain management is the coordination of material, information and financial flows between and among all the participants.
ERP just does not work in only one way. It gets to focus on all the relevant aspects that decision makers need to take into account when they are facing important decisions.
A very important facility of the ERP systems is that they increase the availability of the information, helping companies to have information in real time to make decisions and accurate prognostics regarding the organization
Commitment and personal involvement is required from top management in creating and deploying clear quality values and goals consistent with the objectives of the company and in creating and deploying well-defined systems, methods and performance measures for achieving those goals
E-commerce is buying and selling using an electronic medium. SIt is accepting credit and payments over the net, doing banking transactions using the Internet, selling commodities or information using the World Wide Web and so on.
Some of the ERP package is not supported to determine the proper location. The selection of an ERP system with all these functions must be evaluated thoroughly before implementing it.
Eresource ERP for fleet Management industry is an unique fleet management ERP solution for you. This ERP solution will help you overcome overhead expenses, unexpected break-fix scenarios and downtime due to neglected fleet vehicles and equipment.
eresource ERP for Fleet Management serves as a ready resource for fleet maintenance history, fuel usage, and driver details also you can easy manage areas like insurance, asset management, tire management, inventory management, LR management as well as all expenses associated with operating your fleet of motor vehicles and other mechanical assets.
The functionality of eresource ERP for Kitchen Industry includes the creation of manufacturing orders based on customers' sales configuration among other customer related matters.
Eresource ERP is a fully integrated solution to Improve business processes, enhance collaboration, and boost competitive advantage. Right out of the shelf, this solution serves as the foundation for daily customer interaction and execution in many areas, including material requirements planning, inbound delivery
Eresource ERP is designed with operational efficiency in mind. Operational efficiency requires a system that addresses every aspect of your business, so you can cut costs, bring product to the market faster, improve customer relationship and comply with regulations.
ERP improves GMP compliance: SOP adherence, operator skill set qualification, activity dependency, less operator errors, accurate batch documentation
eresource ERP is scalable and adapts to your business dynamics. eresource discrete ERP solution will help you build robust systems and processes for product development.
eresource ERP is designed for manufacturing excellence. With visibility throughout the operation and embedded support for a wide variety of manufacturing processes - including make-to-stock, make-to-order, configure-to-order, engineer-to-order , just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing and materials control, and lean operations.

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