Monday, March 21, 2011

Timely delivery of quality ERP

Improved customer relation management

If the success of ERP projects in India for last five years to be measured, you would witness a significant role played by eresource in this field. With the domination of Internet in almost all the business process methods, and with the phenomenal rise of software industry, eresource made its stamp in the ERP field with successful delivery of numerous mega projects using its most effective web-based application.

Conceived and developed by our young techies and a steady implementation in all major industries eresource ERP has brought revolutionary changes in this business application during the last couple of years.

Flawless performance of eresource ERP in its all implementations has prompted organizations to select eresource as their foremost and first choice when a decision of ERP is taken. The selection of affordable and efficient web-based eresource ERP has benefited by bringing satisfactory return on investment (ROI) to all the companies who have implemented it.

Not only did eresource ERP nurture a favourable business environment with affordable cost and substantial ROI, it also meets customer expectations in terms of timely deliveries and quality standards.

Though the market seems to be very encouraging for ERP implementation, the time-frame for deployment may be an issue. However, eresource ERP with its guaranteed timely implementation process has helped to put off any such fear from the mind of the investors. The prompt implementation and maintenance method of eresource has helped a long way in building confidence between us and our investors.

Looking at the ERP graph is also very encouraging. From the graph it has been observed that many industry categories, such as Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Steel, Consumer Durables, Engineering, and Construction have shown a very high ERP penetration in recent times. This means obviously these categories represent the greatest potential markets in coming years and other industries will also follow.

Most of the industries in India already have realized the need for ERP solutions, and finding the industry-related ERP solution has become more and more easy with presence of eresource ERP. To match with their competitors in their field, organizations started looking for a business application that will suit their business process as well as budget. eresource once again remind all its aspirants of ERP project that they must speed up their projects and get the suitable solution from eresource within your limited budget on a guaranteed timely implementation method.

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