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Easy to implement and easy to operate, eresource ERP

Many major organizations as well as small and medium companies are increasing their reliance on eresource ERP system as a cost efficient alternative to their current manual procedures or their piecemeal software applications. Under-performed legacy system and cost-factor involving the customization of existing outdated ERP system in many companies are making the business process a time consuming exercise and, in many cases, impractical.

eresource ERP has been developed with full awareness of specific requirements of industries and customers. It is an ERP system that serves many vertical industries. eresource ERP system has been incorporated with triggers, alerts and workflow procedures that ensures operational efficiency for any business. Being a web-based ERP system, implementation also not a cucumbersome process like in many other ERP packages.

The architecture of eresource ERP systems may be termed the total package approach. All customer-specific functionality has been included in the system effectively. This system has been developed in keeping with the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) of Indian market in mind. Its operational method, functionality and investment cost all well-suited to address the SMEs requirement in a rightful manner.

It must be admitted that developing such a package was not easy. As everyone knows that meshing the specific needs of thousands of customers into a single coherent package was not that easy. But eresource's top quality expert to sift through this mature package, incorporating a massive volume of functionality processes as required by the customer. Although being a web-based ERP solution, eresource has simplified the implementation process, it still brings efficient operational methods and return on investment (ROI).

There is also one important reason why eresource is concentrating more on SMEs. That is, SME segment is ignored by large players in the ERP market. But this attitude has ultimately helped competitiveness among ERP developers such as eresource, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise for the SME segment.

Another reason why the bigger players avoiding the SMEs are the high volume of customization and the work demanded by the SMEs need more personal care, which the bigger players do not support. So when it comes to the question of SMEs it takes a great deal of time for them to understand the business and design software programs based on modality. On the other hand eresource understands their requirements and genuinely get involved with them and train them to handle any complicated issues. This has helped the SME sector to choose and implement a solution which will be suitable not just only for their needs but also will fit into their budget.

Sometime there comes a big dilemma for companies evaluating ERP solutions because they are unsure of choosing software offered by a branded player or a small player. Some companies debate that only a branded player can satisfy the requirements even though the recipient is a small concern. It is not true.

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How effective are the security measures in eresource ERP

Organizations should not wait for an embarrassing and potentially devastating event to find out that security controls in their ERP systems are inadequate. To overcome this risk organizations need to implement an appropriate access strategy.

As businesses grow, information systems support whole communities of users like customers, suppliers, partners and employees, who all count on the secure exchange of a wide variety of information to place orders, pay bills and keep records up to date.

Customers, vendors, partners and employees all need access to the right ERP information at the right time and, increasingly, from anywhere. Yet these users work on many different systems and access data from multiple locations. All have different passwords and authorizations.

Organizations must not only manage the security issues of your own employees, but also increasingly those of customers, suppliers and other business partners.

eresource ERP addresses your security needs in authentication, access control and user management. An integrated solution identifies the user, determines what the user can do, determine the level of trust the user should receive, protects your data.

Our ERP security specialists have the expertise, tools and methodologies to make sure that your eresource ERP system includes a cost-effective security approach that dovetails with your firewall, virus scanner, spam control and tape backup systems

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Any particular industry has a greater benefit from an ERP implementation

Any company that builds a product; designs, sources keeps inventory, markets, and distributes needs an ERP system. It is difficult to pinpoint a business that doesn't need ERP.

For any business that has accounting, operations, and customer-facing applications, ERP has applicability across the board. What's going to be more subjective is the depth of the solution. That's going to be a function of what you can afford.

Even having a cash register and cheque book can be referred as an ERP, if you want. Well, yes, but most companies are going to need something that's more complex than that.

successful ERP implementation

The introduction of Information Technology, especially enterprise systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, is a common way of implementing organizational change today. Such enterprise system implementations frequently come with new software systems and business processes that substantially alter workflow and jobs.

While the annual investment of several millions of rupees in ERP systems is staggering, estimates indicate that there could be chances of failures in implemented systems and such failures have been observed even in highly successful organizations. Organizations that successfully implement ERP systems, including new software and business processes, have reported enormous benefits, such as greater efficiency and effectiveness at the individual employee and organizational levels.

One of the primary causes of failure is the inability of managers to effectively manage the change process. Managers frequently fail to consider the organizational environment and culture relying, instead, on success stories of some organizations that used a big-bang strategy, an implementation strategy in which all modules of an ERP system are implemented simultaneously and in a short period time, to manage their own change. The result can be catastrophic for firms, with consequences up to and including going out of business as a result of a failed ERP implementation.

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What is the ROI potential for eresource ERP system

If your business is suffering due to customer complaints about poor service or finding difficulty in expanding the business due to your outdated information system it is time you must go for implementation of eresource ERP.

eresource ERP system will help deliver solid customer satisfaction by automating clerical tasks, improving on-time shipments, reducing inventory and providing information to make quick decisions.

eresource ERP offers the functionality, technology platform and implementation expertise to help you realize the full benefits of an ERP solution.

What is more exciting about eresource ERP is, it not only addresses all your day to day business challenges, you will also get a healthy return on your investment quickly and faster than you probably thought. eresource ERP can yield higher net profits by:

•Streamlining your supply chain
•Improving customer relationship
•Reducing operational cost
•Allowing real-time access to information
•Providing foundation to growth

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