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ERP for Transportation

Transportation ERP : Why and which ?

Transportation throughout its history has always been a spur to expansion. (http://www.eresourceerp.com/Transportation-Software/ERP-for-Transportation.html) Better transport is a similey for better growth in trade; this is where transportation erp comes into the frame and boosts the economic growth working in very accordance of the transport business.

The primary functionality of transport erp is to gather information, store and process them, monitor the data at your convinient time frame and reproduce them in the form of various reports which ay be used for analysis and planning for the improvement of your firm. Fleet management erp solutions are turning out to be quite demanding these days due to the humongous number of fleet and the exponential incline in the government legislations which turn the situations ardous to handle.

Eresource's erp solutions for transport industry allows a varied functions such as driver and vehicle profiling, transhipment management, RTO, insurance, inventory management and many more which can be tailored according to the client's need.

Why ERP in Transportation space ?

Managing a transport business is not everyone's game. One has to be sturdy to face a variety of situations scaling from constant road accidents, breakdowns, etc. to even worse situations like transhipments, RTO penalties, and even thefts. Maintaing a systematic record of such situations become ardous in this moving industry. Thus, to easen the knot ERP solutions for transport provides you with a bird's eye view of the hapenings and priorotise the actions required for the fluidity of the organization.

With module for trip expenses, you can effectively calculate the optimal trip expenditure and time it should incur in moving the shipment from point A to point B. The expenses can be calculated prior to the journey on the basis of size of vehicle, number of toll booths across the travel, driver's charges, RTO charges, distance covered, fuel required, additional maintainence, etc. so that the transperancy between you and your client is well maintained.

Driver's record is of utmost importance as it is of the fleet. This would help you in selecting the appropriate driver for the trip taking into consideration his history and the goods being carried in the container. Maintaining the driver and vehicle information can give you a view of his performance and it is of key importance for the business.

In this moving industry, every vehicle is a valuable asset which constantly moves out of the workplace and the owner has to make sure that his asset returns back to him in sound condition once her duty is done. These moving assets got its Commercial Vehicle Insurance done whose nature varies from one vehicle to the other. Fleet ERP compiles all the liabilities, duly claimed forms, RC copy, etc. and reproduce them as per the need.

As we strongly believe that without having credible information about the current status, one cannot get better insight of the future. Therefore with the help of various modules like Fuel Management, RTO, Inventory Management, Branch accounting, Insurance and many more you can become more efficient in planning and gain a greater degree of control over the situations.

Why eresource ERP ?

Eresource's transport erp embedded with ? enables you to craft the desired changes and function as a sturdy and and reliable software which is user friendly.
Eresource's ERP for fleet is a highly flexible software solutions which can be moulded as per your requisites like for example you can charge invoice against LR or cargo manifesto according to your need.
Eresource's transport erp can produce various reports that too on a varied formats. Consider the case of Inventory Management; report for Pending GRN can be obtained Branch wise, Customer wise, Spare part wise, Department wise, Order number wise. Such a sophisticated and clean formats of viewing reports can be obtained from our ERP solutions.
Eresource's mutlifaceted fleet erp and its analytic tools are very well justified specially for small and mid size enterprises offering them erp softwares at affordable pricing scheme.
Eresource's erp software for transportation industry is distinguished to deliver integrated business software solutions which play a pivotal role for seamless itegrated services which compiles every aspect of the organization.

Features of Fleet ERP :

Eresourece's transport erp is user friendly and boasts some sturdy analytic tools providing real-time information about various modules anytime and anywhere.
A perfect amalgamation of off-field and on-field knowledge coupled with an experienced team promises to deliver sheer excellence at your end.
At eresource, we provide timely updates to our customers with no hidden costs so that you may be well revised with the best practises available in the IT market.
We at eresource infotech consider your core values and line them up with our experts to meet your corporate objectives.
Recovery strategies play a key role in every business, and our erp for fleet can help you predict the trends of your business and plan your future accordigly.
Includes various domains keeping in mind the very niche nature of transport industry.
SaaS based erp solutions from eresource break the traditional shackles of system specific softwares by moving “on cloud”.
Listed below are a few modules included in eresource's erp software for fleet industry in accordance to the requisites of our respected clients:

-Operational Management.
-Feulling Management.
-Branch Accounting.
-Billing Management.
-Freight Memo.
-Transhipment Management.
-Driver Management.
-Tyre Inventory Management.
-Purchase Order Processing.
-Inventory Management.
-HR Management.
-Accounts & Finance Management.
Though these are the traditional modules, it can still be tailored according to your demands and workflow of your organization.

Benefits of eresource's Transport ERP :

Transport erp gives you a bird's eye view across discerte phases of the fleet like loading-unloading of goods, your franchises, monitoring the returns generated and keep track of stocks which would help you gain insight of the current situations and effectively plan for the future.
Speculate your business with relative accuracy.
ERP implementation dissolves the need for different applications, long maintained spreadsheets, etc. as all the data is centralised and lay safe on the server.
Minimal investment on IT infrastructure as all one need is a system with an updated browser and an internet service to access ERP.
A vast improvement in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) boosts your opportunities to closely manage all the aspects through customer-oriented business processes.
ERP implementation accelerates your Supply Chain Management (SCM) by regulated and tracked movement of goods, and thus you may achieve operational excellence without losing time.
Transport ERP insures that your enterprise gains better control over all your operations and execute timely and appropriate decisions.

About eresource :

Eresource Infotech Pvt. Ltd. A Mumbai based ERP Developer (SE 3B rated), is India's leading web based erp solutions provider. After a decade of expertise on this domain, Eresource is blessed with the best minds on floor to deliver sheer excellence at your end and emerged as a trustworthy erp vendor in India.

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ERP solution for Manufacturing

Importance of Manufacturing ERP Solutions In Todays Fast Paced World:

While Material Requirement Planning (MRP) helped industries plan their (http://www.eresourceerp.com/Manufacturing-ERP/ERP-solution-for-Manufacturing.html) material purchases and Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP?) modified itself and added in plant scheduling & production controls to reap more. But manufacturing ERP altogether attempts to integrate the information of all the departments within the industry by introducing various modules like Sales & distribution Management, Planning Manufacturing & Control, Plant Maintainenance, Excise Management, etc.

Manufacturing ERP inter-communicates the industry needs in order to be able to organize the inventory, production, warehouse, etc. and enable each manufacturing factory to allign the production in accordance to the available stocks and equipments.

ERP software for manufacturing make you fully capable of analysing your statistical data along with the historical information, thus enhancing your operational efficiency and productivity. With the implementation of manufacturing ERP, you may be able to manage your jobworks, labours, product shipments and many more.

ERP for manufacturing industry apart from manufacturing planning compiles various factors such as Plant Maintainenance, Sales & Distribution Management, Inventory Management, Excise Management, etc. and integrates them all so that you may be able to optimize the production and finance for the improvement of your business by giving more accurate capture of cost information like scrap, labour, downtime and tooling which is difficult to be achieved from MRP and MRP?.

Why Should one Go for eresource ?

How fast the orders move out of the warehouse/godown determines the pace of company's growth. Eresource's manufacturing ERP solutions enables the efficient flow of goods from warehouse to shelves and from shelves to the customers with the help of Manufacturing, Planning and Control module.
ERP for manufacturing takes care of various factors like MRV(Material Requisition Voucher), MIV(Material Issue Voucher), GRN(Goods Recipt Note) in various modules and enables the smooth workflow of raw materials and stocks.

With built-in features like Machine Allocation Deatils, Department wise Machine setup, Jobwork Followup Details, Stock Inward Notes, Batch Production Completion, etc. you will be capable enough to foretell that which machine is available and for which process. Therefore the manufacturers will be sufficient enough to plan their productions and yield higher.

Having a strong link between the sales module and production process module, Eresource's erp for manufacturing feathers make-to-order processes and enables timely productions.

The production quality remains undisputed as Eresource's manufacturing software assists your Quality Assurance & Control Department with its refined facility for Total Quality Control module. This module is specialised to care of your every operations at granular level beginning from the Inward of raw materials into warehouse upto the final inspection of the finished goods till it is shipped, considering all the intermediate roles during its process.

Benefits after implementing eresource,s Manufacturing ERP Solutions :
The primary benefit of manufacturing ERP solutions is that maufacturers gain visibiliy over the entire processes and can sheild themselves due the centralized nature of ERP systems. The authorised user can very well maintain his pace with the inventory on daily basis and can plan his productions as the situations demand.

Manufacturers will be able to optimize their asset availability by keping a track of the processes taking place plus which are scheduled behind them with the help of features like Shift Allotment Details, Product Process Deatils, Machine Allocation Details and many more.

Manufacturers would be capable of shortening their lead time and enhancing their timely deliveries.

Maintaining quality of the product is prime factor for manufacturers, this can be achieved with the help of modules like Plant Maintainenance, Total Quality Management as this feature highlights

Reports can be generated across various combinations as per the need.
Discreet manufacturers acquire a perfect balance of the MRP and MRP? through implementation of ERP solutions.

Following are the integrated combination of modules:

-Sales & Distribution Management.
-Purchase Management.
-Manufacturing, Planning & Control.
-Total Quality Management.
-Inventory Management.
-Plant Maintainenance.
-Excise management.
-HR Management.
-Finance Resource Management.

Features Of Manufacturing ERP:

ERP implementation accelerates the Customer Relation Management(CRM) by improving the customer experience by enabling efficient demand based planning and stock visibility across the supply chain.

The cost can be effectively regulated with the minimal scrap, waste products and reworks.

Eresource's manufacturing ERP assures small-mid sized industries (SMB) to drive their cost positioning while laying the foundation for their growth.

With the introduction of HR Management module manufacturers will be able to monitor their labourers and other employees according to their performances, payrolls, etc.

Manufacturing software integrates all the modules and dissolves the nessicity of different documents and long maintained spreadsheets; thus reducing the paper work.

Thus, an effective ERP system from India's leading ERP solutions provider, Eresource will suffice most of the needs and help manufacturers gain operational excellence.

Eresource is all about Agility, Simplicity and Profitability

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eresource launches growth-oriented ERP Lite 2.1 for SME's at affordable Price

SMEs (Small & Medium sized Enterprises) of today are the backbone of any Industrial sector. (http://www.eresourceerp.com/SME-ERP/eresource-launches-growth-oriented-ERP-Lite-2.1-for-SME-at-affordable-Price.html )Be it Manufacturing or Pharmaceutical or Infrastructure or any other industries, the SMEs are sufficed enough to make their mark in the economy, They are strongly advocating their existence and many of them  are emerging as serious players in the Global Value Chain.

To thrive in this dawn of the new era, one has to make an ally with the world of Information Technology (IT). This bridge is gapped with the implementation of the right ERP solution to serve the company and suffice the company’s unique business needs. Eresource ERP Lite 2.1 offers a comprehensive solution which coagulates all your modules thus turning your data system strong enough to withstand toda’s competition and build an efficient future.

eresource Infotech has recently launched its ERP Lite 2.1 system aiming at growth-oriented Indian SME segment. This unique version of ERP system with its affordable cost structure is going to be one of the  lifetime opportunity for all the SMEs irrespective of the nature of their industry and help them gain operational excellence. For the first time ever, eresource ERP launches the most affordable ERP solution exclusively for the SMEs named as ERP Lite 2.1. This Lite version is budget friendly, web-based, has the same look and feel as of the Pro and Enterprise editions of eresurce ERP. It is also cost effective and promises to render high end returns on your investment.

And the good news, the company that would approach us for implementation by the August 31, 2013 will be awarded with a flat 20% discount on the product price + Implementation Absolutely FREE. You will be free to choose the number of users and the branches of your firm. eresource welcomes you all to avail this best ever offer.

The Lite version 2.1 is packed with some of the pivotal modules viz;

    Sales & Customer Relation Management.
    Inventory Management.
    Purchase & Supplier Relation Management.
    Accounts and Finance Resource Management. 

Benefits of implementing ERP Lite 2.1:

    User Friendly.
    Enhances organizational transparency by providing you with a bird's eye view of the happenings at your workplace, leading to a justified responsibility.
    Fast but accurate data on demand for timely decisions.
    Helps in strategic planning.
    Promises flexibility of forms to fully satisfy the cusomers' need.
    Minimal investment on IT. 

            The competition among the SMEs is not just restricted to the domestic but instead they also have to fight with the giants of the respective domains so as to make their mark on this ever challenging and constantly blooming economies. By implementing the right ERP solutions, companies can be able to enjoy the benefits of instant visibility of the happenings within the industry, optimized inventory, planned and calculated purchases, improved productivity, reduced defects, scraps and paper-work, etc.

With the implementation of eresurce's ERP Lite 2.1, all your work-flow is ought to get streamlined and consequently you will be adequate enough to render a world class quality of SCM, CRM to your customers and suppliers and will be crowned with an “operational excellence”.

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