Thursday, July 8, 2010

Customer relation key to business success

Customer loyalty has a effect on the business bottom line

ONE of the prime components of business success is the ability to service customers effectively. Businesses must have a comprehensive understanding of each and every customer and their history. With access to a full case history, solution providers can tailor their service to the customer's unique circumstances and preferences, in the context of the overall relationship.

Customer loyalty has a powerful effect on the business bottom line. The dramatic economic power of customer retention is revealed when customers are viewed in terms of life value. eresource ERP enables the enterprises to retain its customers, which makes a perfect business sense. A consumer retained for life is more cost effective, requires less service, provides more business and contributes to new customer acquisition by offering positive referrals. For the average business, studies indicate that repeat customers account for 70 per cent of total revenues. Thus, customers' retention guarantees significant current and future economic benefit.

eresource ERP system integrates case management that show all previous contacts from all media empower companies to serve and market to customers without waiting time or resources. With an accurate, company-wide customer database - including marketing, order, fulfillment and customer service history - businesses can reach a greater understanding of their customers over time, delivering increasingly personal and rewarding experiences and products.

eresource ERP integration enables businesses to better comprehend and thereby, better serve customers with each and every interaction. There is a common belief that the enterprise application integration is a difficult task. The good news is that with easy implementation methodology of eresource ERP system the difference in your business operations can be experienced within a short period of time. Our case study method and implementation strategy along with its training methods guarantees a smooth function of our ERP system.

What is more important when it comes to implementation of an ERP solution is that the enterprise application integration is a corporate-level problem requiring a corporate-level strategy. Organizations implementing ERP applications have to explore the area of integrating these applications to the other enterprise applications. What approach to take will depend on the need for integration. However, the aggressive organizations have to adopt the right implementation methods in a cautious manner to keep their leadership in the market.

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