Tuesday, April 12, 2011

eresource offers free customization and implementation

Right time to improve business process

Although ERP customization seems to be a costly affair and caused problems with each upgrade, with the introduction of eresource's powerful ERP system, lessons have been learned and customization and implementation of ERP system has become an easy method. eresource could customize your ERP system without compromising your strategic business processes. Our efficient implementation team can effectively manage any customization with appropriate project management, that too free of cost during the current financial year.

When an ERP system is selected the heavy implementation cost is always a concern for worry for most of the organizations. To enable all type of companies to escape from these concern eresource has come out without a novel idea to carry out all implementations free of cost for the next one year.

Some companies that still using a legacy system that is no longer supported or their existing system has outgrown its usefulness because of more complexity and volume of transactions. In this scenario the IT department must able to convince management that a new ERP system is needed to stay competitive or will generate significant ROI.

The reason why some organizations still managing with their outdated legacy system is that they are reluctant to spend the money on new ERP systems due to cash crunch and when there seems to be more pressing needs. Organizations are also fearful of a failed implementation. However, eresource ERP eliminates all these concerns. Because neither eresource ERP expensive nor has any implementation hassles. These elements are the one of the main highlight of our web-based ERP that has been widely accepted by in Indian ERP market.

Some companies do not like to change their existing ERP system, and reluctantly live with the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of their old system. These systems could be upgraded to meet the current requirements. eresource ERP system is capable to help and customize these systems provided there are recommendations from the existing users. It will be a big setback for the companies if they do not extend the useful life of an upgrade ERP system from eresource that can improve business process, third party solution, customization, integration workflow and business intelligence and reporting tools.

Once again we wanted to remind you that with eresource, you will be able to extend the useful life of your ERP system. And implementing a whole new eresource ERP system is the best opportunity for business process improvement. This is the right time to improve business process and implement our new ERP system. So if you have confidence in the future, now would be a good time to retool your processes and systems. And the plus point is eresource offers an absolutely free implementation during this current financial year. So don't wait any more. Call us now. We will be at your service…always.

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Indian ERP

Indian ERP system best suited for Indian industries

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution software should address all the needs of an enterprise within the social context of the country in which the enterprise operates. This would imply that the local accounting practices, locally applicable taxation laws are fully adhered to in implementing the various business processes.

Many imported ERP software systems must incorporate India specific features before implementation as per the specifications of its client, where as an Indian ERP solution has already been programmed to take care of the national industry's interest.

Another feature of an India-made ERP like eresource ERP software system is its design. It has been designed to cater the need of the Indian users with fully knowing their working environment and requirements.

Industries also consider easy accessibility to their solution providers while choosing the right ERP for their enterprises. It also to be noted that eresource Infotech serves all our customers equally, unlike some overseas vendors who have a strategy to serve only large clients.

Cost factor also stands as one of the reasons why Indian ERP solution is best suited for Indian industries. Many a time the huge cost involved in it scares away industries from implementing ERP solution, depriving the benefits the system could offer. To overcome this precarious scenario, eresource ERP has introduced an affordable ERP, keeping in mind the Indian industries, specially the small and medium scale enterprises

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ERP in India

Today, India is transforming into world IT hub and all major players in the field are working constantly towards promoting and expanding their market.(http://www.eresourceerp.com/erp-in-india.html) In this scenario Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) will be playing a major role in growth of small and medium size industries in India apart from contributing largely into the big business enterprises.

ERP solution, which will help streamline the functionality and technicality of a software solution in an organization, without any doubt will be an added advantage in generating return on investment on a pre-conceived notion.

ERP solution - need of the hour

If the facts and figures are be believed, the ERP market could boom in India and give the necessary impetus to stakeholders. ERP software solutions were initially used only for back office functions. They were not given the due importance and treated just like another supporting function. Reasons like lack of awareness formed one part while other reasons were costs and technical difficulties.

As explained earlier the gradual demand for ERP increased with a slump in the software market. Since this led companies to go in for ERP they automatically started to learn more about it either by force or felt need as they were left with no alternative. This indirectly created the awareness among companies. They learned more on ERP and realized its diverse applications. Finally they resorted to use ERP for the whole of the company and stopped the idea of restricting it to mere back office functions.

Financial burden is a major determinant of ERP market in India. Many companies are hesitates to invest in ERP due to the exorbitant costs involved in it. Realizing this situation, eresource Infotech, has come out with an ideal ERP solution, which will be affordable to small and medium enterprises.

Today, eresource Infotech has become a name to reckon with in arena of ERP solution providers. We have accomplished this achievement in a short span of five years by our unrelenting efforts and services, which helped many small and medium scale organizations yield good return on their investment.

Only eresource ERP generates reports as per Indian conditions for all kinds of Statutory Records.

These are some of the points that make eresource ERP the only Web-based ERP service Provider in India with 100% ERP solution for Indian business condition.

For more information kindly visit : http://www.eresourceerp.com/erp-in-india.html
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