Sunday, May 24, 2009

Why eresource ERP

Fundamentally what is right is always right. If you were to compare features of different ERP, you may probably notice that all ERP's has almost similar features with different User Interfaces. What is important is whether the ERP complies to all statutory and Regulatory requirements. Whether it complies to Indian Operating scenario? If any ERP can address these challenges, then, without a doubt, that ERP will succeed in Indian Market.
Given that backdrop, I feel good to say that eresource ERP is the only ERP that can Bridge the Operational Efficiency GAP of Indian manufacturing companies.
We were the first company in India to implement eresource ERP, eventually, we were the first customer of eresource and we are still their customer.
Harish Nambiar - P M Engineering, Mumbai

No1 ERP software in India

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