Thursday, June 6, 2013

eresource, an ERP system that never compromise on quality, safety and performance

It is not a secret any more that an efficient and effective ERP System provide an ideal software solution to address both their information and regulatory needs for the phamaeutical and health care industry. In the pharmaceutical and health care sector, the present regulatory requirements focus on better product and process understanding and on elimination of risks critical to patients and consumers. These challenges are efficiently addressed by integrated approaches offered by eresource ERP System which not only provide better control over their Business process es, but also help them in manufacturing products as per cGMP requirements .

There are many reasons why eresource ERP has become one of the leading Web-based ERP System that suits pharma and health care industry.  It is one of the most most realiable and efficient ERP Solution in the Indian software market today that serves the pharmaceutical and health care industry for the last seven years successfully. The success of eresource ERP for pharma and health care industry is due to the thorough understanding of the nuisance and the criticality prevailing in the industry.  Consultants from eresource are well-trained professinals who have expertised in handling matters pertaining to pharmaceutical industry.

When it comes to  pharma and health care ERP sysem, efficient management of batch recipes is the most important and complex aspect and every aspect of a pharmaceutical recipe must be documented. Ingredients and information of their technical compositions, how much the ingredient cost and how much it cost to prepare the ingredient for use, and historical data about the ingredients, how they were received and from where, how they were stored, how they were processed/manufactured, how they were prepared for packaging, how they were packaged, where stored before shipping and all shipping data etc must be documented very orderly manner.   Again, when any one aspect is altered, it changes the rest of the processes.eresource ERP has an effective management application method to keep all this data in a proper manner and use them efficiently whenever required.

As you know customer relation is important to any industry and pharma and health care industry also banks mainly on customer relationship. When implemented the Customer Relationship Module (CRM) in our  system allows the client to  address Sales Force Automation, Opportunity Management, and Marketing Campaign requirements. Moreover our web-based ERP System can be used for tying together the workflow and communication requirements with its online interaction. The CRM module plays an important role in the pharma and health care industry ERP which allows the customers' sales force to have up to the minute information on the sales history with their customers.

In the pharma and health care industry, the safety and quality standards are becoming increasingly stringent. Although all the government legislation has long been adhered, customers may be expecting even higher standard of safety and quality. eresource ERP for pharma and health care industry helps the company maintain the quality and safety standard expected by its customers.  Our system is equipped with suitable modules to meet all the challenges faced by pharma and health care industry sector and produly we can say that the system provides cost-effective solution without any compromise on quality, safety, performance and functionality.

There is another factor which makes an ERP System succeed in its operation is its implementation method and user training. eresource has an systematic and methodological Implementation process that  plays an important role in success of its operational system. Our method is people and process-focused. This is the best way to manage the risk effectively. The methodology of eresource ERP Implementation process covers all the bases. Therefore if there is anything unexpected pops up the user will be able to handle these problems without any negative consequences.

eresource is an ERP sysem that has been established as one of the most favoured business application for pharma and health industry has much more to offer when implemented. What is more important is like any other major manufacturing industrial sector  an effective ERP System is becoming essential for pharm and health care industry too, because the system brings information classified and simplified to those who have to make decisions. And that itself makes the difference.

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