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functions of ERP project management team

The project management team is responsible for conducting the scheduled work, administering the project, communicating with the in-house team and the consultants.

The team members should monitor the implementation team's progress, assess the amount and quality of the contribution of the team members - both in-house and consultants - and resolve the issues that exist. Since the project management team has the project manager, the consultant team's head, the vendor team's head and the work team leaders, most problems could be resolved at this level. If any problems cannot be resolved at this level, then the project manager will escalate it to the executive committee for resolution.

The project management team should also ensure that the company personnel and the consultants are working together as a team and that there is full co-operation between the two groups. They are also responsible for ensuring that the consultants are transferring their knowledge to the in-house team and all the documentation is done properly. The project management team should make sure that even after the external consultants and vendor representatives leave the system will run smoothly.

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eresource ERP enters Middle East market

eresource ERP, India's leading Enterprise Resource Planning solution, has commenced its operations in the Middle East with its Sales and Support office located at Dubai Silicon Oasis, a prestigious Middle East business location.

With eresource's cutting-edge enterprise planning solution, businesses have a better-than-ever chance of keeping up with the increasing demands of their customers and operational excellence.

eresource ERP in UAE is not confined within the walls of a single entity. With our web-enabled ERP system data goes out to suppliers and vendors and customers. What you find out can be shared with your colleagues and customers at the same time you learn it yourself. Design and product development can be a collaborative process without barriers of space and time.

eresource has completed thousands of implementation successfully all over India in the various industry segments. Within months of launching our Middle East office in Dubai, we have implemented four major ERP projects in the UAE. It is our dedicated team work and On-Time Implementation program which helped us to achieve this tremendous success - an operational excellence.

From the study made on Oil and Gas Industry it has been observed that this sector is lacking a good ERP system which will streamline the entire operation of a successful organization. From the case studies of ERP in UAE and other materialistic studies we have done over the years on this industry has helped us to come out with an ideal solution which will not only help you to overcome all the hurdles in this business but also can bring a good return on your investment.

eresource's web-based ERP in UAE and its e-mail alert capabilities have exploded onto the scene as mandatory business requirements. It has helped even the playing field to a point where the size of a company is far less apparent and in some cases unimportant. eresource web-based ERP offers a great resource and network capability that allows to puts more product information and customer service information in the hands of customer.

With the launching of our Sales and Service office in Dubai, your accessibility to eresource ERP will be much easier. You may contact our sales team for any further information. We will always be ready to serve you with smile on our face.

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Agility is the watchword for business

Manufacturers are measured by their ability to react quickly

UNDERSTANDING the nature of your business is very important. Production takes places in all kinds of business as well as non-business operations. For example, production in a hospital is related to the process of serving meals to the patients, performing surgeries, taking and reading X-rays, conducting physical therapy, cleaning rooms and receiving payments.

Supermarket production operations include ordering and pricing inventory, stocking the shelves, packaging and displaying products, and so on. Government issues permits and licenses, collect taxes, register voters, provide police and fire protection, and so on. Contractors construct, repair and demolish buildings, build highways and bridges, and landscape parks. Similarly banks grant loans, cash or issue cheques and handle deposits and withdrawals.

Production process vary greatly in complexity, production time and the amount of resources, information and planning needed and the number and type of machines and employees needed, and the number of employees and machine needed. The production of a car takes time and requires a variety of very expensive machines and high skilled employees, typing a letter on other hand is a short process using mainly a word processor.

Competition in the future places increased emphasis upon time as expected by speed, quality and global focus. Agility is the watchword. Manufacturers are measured by their ability to react quickly to sudden, when unpredictable change in customer demand for their products and services. To compete successfully in today's business environment, requires an effective ERP system, which is a manufacturing business application, that is time and activity based and above all else, focused on their customer.

Manufacturers must respond quickly and effectively to customer demands. While agility is desirable, without an effective enterprise resource planning system it results in speed without purpose. The very heart of an enterprise manufacturing system centers on its integrated planning, business process and execution capabilities. Traditional closed-loop MRP concepts have long heralded the importance of effective planning system, because process understanding and timely executions.

Strategically effective planning results in improved inventory turns, productivity increase and improved return on investment. Tactically effective business processes provide improved customer satisfaction, reduced time to market and improved market share. Effective execution provides short cycle time, quality assurance, continuous improvement and quick response to process variability. All three elements contribute positively to the decision to install an enterprise-wide resource planning system.

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Operational efficiency with ERP and eBusiness

Best vehicle to share business information with partners

SOME of the organizations may be wondering why a Web-based ERP application is needs to be implemented. The answer is simple. A well run Web-enabled ERP system will make the entire value chain very powerful. The companies that have successfully implemented ERP system will become the masters in helping other suppliers to integrate ERP and eBusiness to create a Web-based extended ERP environment.

Anyone will agree with the point that the traditional businesses spend a lot of time, effort for communicating business information and making and accepting payments. But eBusiness do the same thing over digital networks. Thus, the savings in terms of time, effort, error reduction, etc, are quite dramatic.

With making its operations eBusiness, the organizations can accept payments - credit card payments, digital cash, etc - over the Internet. The use of electronic media for information and transmission and financial transactions greatly reduce the time required for completing a transaction at the same time automating the business process involved.

Of late many of the organization consider Web-enabled ERP as their most important and strategic platform because it provides a solid foundation and information backbone for eBusiness. When a business application like an ERP system is enhanced with the eBusiness capability, i.e. making it a web-based ebusiness enabled ERP, they supercharge each other. eBusiness is the best vehicle to share business information with partners for creating major B2B synergies.

A fully integrated web-based ERP system like eresource ERP will capture and create accurate, consistent and timely relevant data, and assist in intelligent business decision-making. The impact of ERP/e-Business integration is substantial, ranging from reduced inventory and personnel level to improved order and cash management. It also results in improved customer responsiveness, reduced IT costs and the availability for value-added activities.

The successful organizations are continuously modifying their methods in serving their clients which also increases their profit margin. To achieve this positive result, organizations have to intelligently integrate the supply chain, so that information, material and money automatically flows up and down the supply chain at high-speeds without any glitches.

Organizations also need to woo the customers with personalized services. What every top people in the management side must realize that is in today's competitive world, there is no consistency in the loyalty of a customer. It is always changes. In this age of Internet and other fast phased communication era, information is freely available and it is highly possible for the customer to switch loyalty without any indication when there are better quality services available in the market. Therefore the organization should not waste time and must collect information about the customers and analyze it to find the customer preferences, purchase patterns and so on. To do this it must have a good customer relationship management system (CRM).

It is also to be remembered that just keeping customers happy and offering personalized service will not have any effect if the operating efficiency of the company is poor. In order to improve efficiency and to have better information integration, companies should have an effective Web-enabled ERP system in place. An efficient and well-implemented ERP system like eresource ERP can raise the productivity to unprecedented levels.

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Live Demo of eresource ERP system

Give a boost your technical and strategic measures

FOR many major enterprises, it is very difficult to get a general overview of its organization. This can be simplified with a uniform system where everybody works according to the same routine. It is a true factor in today's business environment where more and more companies are becoming globalised companies.

At this juncture, eresource ERP system could be used as a tool to obtain information that can be important when forming the company's future strategies. An integrated ERP system like eresource gives opportunities to rationalize and develop the organization.

Information Technology to an increasing degree concerns the management, and the decision to buy an ERP system is almost always taken by the top management. The problem is that the management has little knowledge of ERP systems and has to rely on the IT department.

To overcome this shortcoming, eresource has introduced a live demonstration of our product through our website. The real picture of the eresource ERP system becomes clear when the live demo of the product is given. A live demo of our product is webcasted on every Saturday evening and anyone from the management side or IT personnel can participate in our demonstration by registering their names and details through our website

Live Demos are a better tool to understand the various integration/touch points and the participants could experience the different functionalities as well as they can also check for any shortcomings in the system which can be rectified as per their requirement.

The workflow becomes clear during the demo, and people can have a feel of the proposed product at the demo itself. This will determine the acceptability of the product in the minds of the customer. The quality of the product also becomes clear at this stage.

What the top management and all the other people connected to an organization must realize that is whatever be the reason for the changeover to an ERP system, i.e. technical or strategic, it is impossible to separate them, since they affect each other. Implementation will also positively affect the following three strategies:

Business Development: Development of business strategies

Operational Development: Development of the company's business processes and their relationship with the concerned functions within the organization.

System Development: Development and administration of necessary IT services, where the ERP system is an important part.

Register today and enjoy our webcasting to know more about eresource ERP system and how you can utilize this system to manage your business strategies in an effective manner.

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Emergence of eresource ERP software a boon for many industries

An effective Web-based application

Initially, during its launch period, eresource ERP was mainly associated with manufacturing sector and all its developments were focused on in this industry. Majority of the manufacturing segments have relied on eresource for their logistic, supply chain and ware house ERP solution. eresource ERP has made its stamp on this sector and till today we have succeeded in keeping our superiority in this sector. The benefits received by the sector stood a testimony to the above statement.

In the later stage, we have started realizing that there are other industry sectors, which are getting deprived of the benefits of an effective ERP solution. This was due to unavailability of an affordable ERP system to match their needs or lack of an ERP system which could offer a suitable solution to their industry standard. eresource ERP overcame this limitation and offered a solution suited for all industries and sectors. Another encouraging fact is that the solutions offered equal benefits to the other sectors as well.

ERP was a complex application when it comes to the question of handling functions. Many of the ERP packages available in the market were more prone to serving individual functions. Even though some of them served multiple functions they did not always cater to different functions from different category. But it was not the case with eresource ERP. It could not only integrate different functions from different departments but also different function from different industries.

There was time when an ERP solution was an exclusive internal solution of an organization and many people in the organization were not aware of the existence of a technology under their nose or they have lacked the information about functioning. With the advent of Web-based eresource ERP everyone in this organization started realizing the functionalities of an ERP solution also its benefits.

Though there was awareness that ERP system was a web friendly application the advantage has not been fully explored, until eresource made its entry. However other ERP solutions had its own reservations in using internet abundantly. eresource ERP worked on them and hence became totally a web friendly application.

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eresource ERP puts your company on a 24-hour working mode

Make daily business tasks simpler

Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is not only about automation of the corporate system and control expenses but also it is an effective business tool which can control sales and commercial planning. However, the planning should be lead to the back-office area where the ERP system can be used extensively to accelerate the return on investment.

eresource ERP system for trading and commercial area facilitates efficient structure of all company processes. It enables to streamline the whole corporate operations and curtails unwanted expenses. Every commerce and distribution activities in the organization and its branches are integrated and operations can be easily monitored.

In today's situation, where businesses are facing stiff competition, to have an efficient planning system in place cannot be avoided. Apart from managing the in-house operations, to keep track with customers and clients, the organizations need to be equipped with a reliable resource planning system. eresource's web-based ERP system enables every organization to be on working mode on 24 hours of a day.

All the requirement of logistics, commercial and trading business is being integrated in eresource ERP, which may suit all type of business. To be more elaborate, it is an ideal ERP solution for retail and wholesale stores, import and export stores, distribution and service, shipping and transport.

Nowadays, all major and minor industries are using the ERP system alike, these includes, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, logistics and transport, chemicals, construction and infrastructure as well as trading companies. Many advantages and benefits further enhanced with flexibility to run the organization in a more organized way is the main reason for the success an ERP system. With eresource ERP system what we promise is more than that.

A decision to implement eresource ERP system will allow businesses to make the daily tasks simpler through the correct control and systematic operational methods. There are specific modules for the satisfaction and needs of all industry segments. Our sales team is always ready to serve you with a smile. They are just a call away. Call now, let a bridge a relationship.

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The ultimate economical ERP framework in India

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