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ERP market growth in India

What is the reason for ERP market growth in India

ERP market in India steadily growing for the last few years (http://www.eresourceerp.com/reason-for-ERP-market-growth-in-india.html) and the main reason for this enormous growth can be attributed to the inability of order system to manage the conversion to year 2000. There are also other factors such as industry best practices, easy and faster implementation and good cost predictions.

Another factor behind the growth is that already existing clients acquire more licences and modules. The number of employees using the ERP system is increasing and the ERP clients who have started with the basic modules are going for subsequent applications. There is also a trend to replace customized system with standard application packages, like an ERP system.

India is expected to present ERP suppliers an important marketplace as manufacturing companies are significantly investing in technology solutions to improve their manufacturing operations.

According to observation made by some experts in the field, the ERP market started showing solid organic growth since 2004 as IT spending improved.

The Indian ERP market experienced CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) of 25.2 during the period of 2004-2009. The market was $83 million in 2004, and is projected to be over $250 million in 2009, according to a research report.

The report further clarifies that manufacturers in India are increasingly implementing ERP solutions to ensure that decision makers have the required information visibility across the value chain.

Majority of Indian manufacturers are small by global standards, requiring easy-to-use ERP solutions to meet their specific process requirements, including localisation needs to address the continually evolving tax and statutory requirements. Small and medium enterprises across industry verticals and micro verticals, such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, and textiles, are leveraging ERP solutions to gain sustainable competitive advantages.

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What is the ROI potential for ERP system

If your business is suffering due to customer complaints about poor service or finding difficulty in expanding (http://www.eresourceerp.com/ROI-potential-for-eresource-ERP-system.html) the business due to your outdated information system it is time you must go for implementation of eresource ERP.

eresource ERP system will help deliver solid customer satisfaction by automating clerical tasks, improving on-time shipments, reducing inventory and providing information to make quick decisions.

eresource ERP offers the functionality, technology platform and implementation expertise to help you realize the full benefits of an ERP solution.

What is more exciting about eresource ERP is, it not only addresses all your day to day business challenges, you will also get a healthy return on your investment quickly and faster than you probably thought. eresource ERP can yield higher net profits by:

Streamlining your supply chain
Improving customer relationship
Reducing operational cost
Allowing real-time access to information
Providing foundation to growth

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Why some people think ROI on ERP is low

The root cause of this problem lies with the planners.(http://www.eresourceerp.com/Why-some-people-think-ROI-on-ERP-is-low.html) Positive thinking and determination to act on reality is what help ERP solution yield a desired profit and good return on investment. Even though the promise of what an ERP can do is high, the planners often fail to look at how the users are likely to view this "improvement."

ERPs take away the old way of working and people are not ready to give away the old system even though they understand it is not bringing the desired result. When they are asked to give up what they know and what they used to, you often get resistance to using a new software system.

ERPs also threaten the fragile balance of power and control. The old system allows departments and some individuals to control the type of information that gets out - and control the way data gets disseminated. The new system keeps check on all that and a proper working environment has been created in the organization.

If any organization spending millions on an ERP solution with no success, then they must understand that the technical problems they faced were minor compared to the human reactions against these changes.

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Industry-specific ERP system

eresource ERP solutions are tailored (http://www.eresourceerp.com/Industry-specific-ERP-system.html) industry-specific standards, best practices and processes to help companies optimize business processes and adapt quickly to changing market demands. From local businesses to global industry leaders, eresource has been serving companies of all sizes and industries in India and abroad.

eresource is developing best practices and delivering ERP software systems that target specific business needs. The result is a depth and breadth of industry expertise and tailored software functionality that is difficult to match.

Through its industry solutions, eresource addresses the unique core processes of number of industries. eresource tightly narrows its industry focus to provide targeted support for many micro-level industries.

eresource ERP system currently serves the following industry segments:

ERP for Manufacturing
ERP for Discrete Manufacturing
ERP for Fleet Management
ERP for Pharmaceutical
ERP for Chemical Industry
ERP for Modular Kitchen
ERP for Construction and Infrastructure
ERP for Automotive

As the Small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) are facing greater competition than ever across diverse industries, success depends on having the ability to keep pace with rapidly changing customer and industry demand and execute in a short amount of time. The agility to quickly seize new opportunities and the flexibility to achieve sustainable business growth is another success factor for the mid-sized enterprises. With pricing pressure and the increasing power of large rivals in some segments they have a critical need to optimize business processes, cut operational costs and improve customer acquisition and retention rates.

It is a promising sign that the small and mid-size enterprises are recognizing integrated business management solutions like eresource ERP are essential for their growth. They are also realizing that eresource ERP system is becoming necessity for the scalability and keeping up with competitors, The most welcome aspect of this application is that it has become more affordable, easy-to-implement and adept at addressing industry-specific business processes.

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