Monday, March 18, 2019

eresource Implements Manufacturing Software for PM Electro Auto Pvt Ltd

eresource is proud to announce the implementation of manufacturing erp software at PM Electro Auto. The company is based out of Mumbai. The implementation was done in a very short span of time. Special thanks for PM Auto team for the support and understanding which made implementation fast and on time.

Performance Certificate by P.M. Electro-Auto Pvt. Ltd

We would like to thank you and eresource infotech for successfully carrying out the ERP implementation in our organization. The system is working absolute fine and we are fully satisfied with the outcome. Now all our branches are connected on a central system and all our business process are showing increased efficiency.

Since the introduction of eresource ERP, jobs are carried out in much better manner. the best part is that after sales support of your team, which deserves a special mention. No doubt, its truly a tremendous achievement.

We once again thanks for the great job. We wish you all the success

Your truly,
Harish K Nambiar
P.M. Electro-Ato Pvt. Ltd

Review by P.M. Electro-Auto Pvt. Ltd

"Quality work, and Friendliness is why I am very pleased, we choose to work with eresource ERP – Xcel, and they are professional, quick to response. The understanding of various type of manufacturing dynamics, helped us with rapid development of business needs. We received a great deal of benefits from eresource team, we would have no hesitation recommending to other business of our nature." By Mr. Sandeep Sanghavi – Managing Director.

About eresource Infotech Pvt. Ltd

eresource ERP is India's leading Manufacturing web-based ERP software solution provider. eresource offer ERP software for different industries like manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, construction, fleet management, trading, automotive, value manufacturing, OEM, plastic industry, printing and packaging industries. eresource ERP software will provide Operational efficiency that addresses every aspect of the business.

Why ERP Software is used for manufacturing Industry?

ERP software is used in manufacturing industry to increase the efficiency of the work by streamlining the process. Some of the process are

Quality management

In other words to make the process simple and all under one system thus decrease in time wastage and increase ROI. Since the more time saved is the more money earned

Why manufacturing industries should opt for web based erp system ?

Web based erp helps user to connect from any where at any time. They only require an internet connection and laptop, mobile or tab. The data is easily available 24/7 any time any where.

Why a Manufacturing industry should go for an ERP ?

To increase the productivity, to save time, to steam line the complex process. Because for example if a company keeps the data stored in a spreadsheet. It will be difficult for other departments to know what is the status of the stock for example is left. Or any other material to be purchase for production purpose. Having a web based erp system will solve many complex problems.

What are the benefits of erp for manufacturing industries ?

Increase in ROI : By Implementing ERP Software you are streamlining the process and integrating all the departments into one system. Hence the data flow becomes easily accessible from one department to another. This reduce time, increase efficiency, error free and fast and accurate flow of information.

Automating the system : Once the ERP is implemented all departments in manufacturing gets connected to a single system. Which will be accessible through web 24/7

Avoiding manual error: Since the system is automated there is zero chance of any manual error until and unless the data is put incorrectly by the user

Access any where: As the system is on web it can be accessed from any where and any time. Hence the user can add the data on shop floor through mobile phone.

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