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The competition among ERP Software vendors in Maharashtra or all of India has become fierce. There are many ERP Software vendors in Maharashtra today. Usage of ERP Software in Maharashtra showing a rapid growth. According to the Gartners research, the ERP market in India is projected to grow 13 per cent this year and revenues for the segment will reach $3.22 billion despite challenging economic conditions.

The key ERP software vendors in Maharashtra are SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, eresource ERP, Ramco. Apart from the above ERP Software Vendors, 3i Infotech, Sage ERP, Godrej and many other are also available for SME segment in Indian Market. The Trend among all ERP Software Vendors in Maharashtra is the expansion of their software market for small to medium-size business.

Growth of ERP is also attributes to its business advantages. When a company sets up an ERP system, all aspects of the organization can work in harmony. As a result the organization enjoys increased productivity.

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Fit the ERP system into business process functionally and economically

What is critical for a company to figure out is how the implementation of a Web-based ERP System like the eresource will make its Business process more efficient and systematic. A company cannot allow the ERP vendor simply walk away with multimillion-dollar ERP project after the implementation. That is because the situation is going to be very difficult for the company if they realize later that some part of the application does not support the companys business functions. In such cases there are only two options left before the company. Either change the Business process to accommodate the software, which will mean deep changes in long-established ways of doing business (that often provide competitive advantage) and shake up important peoples roles and responsibilities (something that few companies have the stomach for)  or they can modify the software to fit the process, which will slow down the project.

It is also risky that it can introduce dangerous bugs into the system and make upgrading the software to the ERP Vendors next release excruciatingly difficult because the customizations will need to be torn apart and rewritten to fit with the new version. 

Needless to say, a shift from the traditional legacy system to a methodical eresource ERP System is a project of breathtaking scope, and the price tags on the front end are not going to bring any uneasiness to any CFOs. In addition to budgeting for software costs, financial executives writing cheques to cover consulting, process rework, integration testing and a long laundry list of other expenses can be avoided. The companies can also expect the benefits of eresource ERP System start to manifesting itself within a short period of time.

The training cost to users of eresource ERP in their new job processes is going to be at the lowest level. Also failure to consider data warehouse integration requirements and the cost of extra software to duplicate the old report formats can be avoided. A few oversights in the budgeting and planning stage can send ERP costs spiraling out of control. If that is taken care your ERP System is going to fit very well into your Business process , functionally and economically.

The following key points are useful in preparing the ground for ERP System implementation.

    The importance of requirements
    Avoiding scope-creep
    The costs associated with scope-creep
    The need for speedy client sing-off on deliverables
    Change management procedures and their importance
    The impact of a change request on the project
    How to communicate and escalate grievances
    The vendors pricing methodology
    Collaboration and communication techniques for client staff and consultants
    The importance of client liaison / project manager (when the vendor has a problem, to whom does it escalate this to resolve immediately?)
    The degree to which a vendor can or cannot proceed without client inputs (e.g, system documentation, source code, the final documents)

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eresource ERP makes it in the list of 'most wanted'

There is no one in the world who doesnt dream about a good home of his own. Undoubtedly it is the one of the biggest dreams of any person. However, do they get proper guidance on how to go about making a home within their limited and stipulated budget? Many time no. Many a time construction estimates go beyond the boundary line and land in a situation where the reach of common people becomes impossible.

It is not that construction companies cannot provide quality work to anyone who required it within their budget. What happens is many time the estimation of construction companies go haywire with not-so-accurate estimating policy. What they required to overcome this hardship is a proper planning method or solution that will help them to manage everything from the planning to estimation to construction and completion. It is where the important of a solution like an ERP or enterprise resource planning system comes to relevance. What we meant to say is, in todays economy, construction companies have to be efficient and productive or they simply don't survive.

Construction companies concept of efficiency is getting the job done as quickly as possible, as cost effectively as possible and as little paperwork as they can get away with. If you ask any construction company manager what his number one enemy is and he will most probably tell you it is down time, severe weather conditions and the never ending paperwork.

As you know that down time is production time lost, usually due to equipment failures or unsuitable working conditions caused by uncooperative weather. Needless to say that minimizing down time in equipment failures is through preventative maintenance. Even small tools require regular maintenance. Though small tools may represent a relatively small monetary investment, the cost of their not being in top notch working order can be huge.

For example, changing the oil in the crankcase every 150 hours can extend the efficiency level and life of a particular piece of equipment. However, the operator need to a record of this in a well maintained method. Because that help him maintain the consistency of the maintenance of that tool

Likewise there are a number of real good reasons for tracking service work done to equipment and most readily and easily accomplished in a fully integrated seamless workflow construction ERP system.

eresource ERP for Construction is an integrated system that maintains every records in a very effective manner. As far as maintenance of tools and plant are concerned it is important to record service to every unit so that the manager or supervisor know when it was last serviced and can be prepared for the next, knowing when it is due.

An ERP system need to record every service so business owners and customers know that all the necessary precautions are being taken to comply with the requirements every operations and other processes.

When implemented eresource ERP takes care of every operations and maintains real time record of every activities that are taking place in the site or in the office and making notes on what may prove to be abnormal conditions, situations which might lead to serious and or costly failures.

Every piece of information eventually reaches the decision makers on real-time basis whereby decisions can be taken to handle the situation effectively and successfully.

The fully seamless integrated workflow approach of eresource ERP for construction makes physical access to equipment and job costing data and reporting relatively simple, easy to use and very affordable as compared to traditionally modular accounting and other ERP systems.

In the seamless workflow of eresource ERP, it is not only remarkably easier to do what you want and need to do, but data is also captured at a significantly higher level of accuracy resulting in unprecedented quality and reliability.

Finally all the data collected by eresource ERP is retained for extensively long periods of time making it possible to review the entire project. When it comes to making decisions about any project, decision can be made on actual facts instead of a few recent details and a lot of educated guesswork.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

ERP system can help companies minimize manufacturing cost

Over the years, eresource has become an acceptable ERP solution in Indian manufacturing sector, especially in the SMB segment. Eresource has been concentrating more on this sector because manufacturing sector goes far beyond the direct contribution to national product and employment. Manufacturing is a global business underpinning all economic activity.

There is no need to emphasis the fact that the manufacturing sector is crucial for employment generation and development of an economy of a country. In coming years, India is expected to witness significant demographic growth and a disproportionate expansion in the working age population. To absorb much of this labour force, the manufacturing sector would need to play an important role, especially in technology front. Currently, the sector accounts for 12 per cent of the total employment in the country, well below its true potential. Currently, the manufacturing sector accounts for less that 20 per cent of the total employment in the country, well below its true potential.

Therefore, being the lifeline of the country, it is imperative that manufacturing sector must be equipped with technologically advanced operating system that will help boost employees' confidence and improve overall working method.

In this scenario, upgrading of technology support becomes necessary in all manufacturing organization and an ERP system that can help to minimize manufacturing cost and increase of resource utilization is the need of the hour. To grow and compete in the vast manufacturing sector, small and medium-sized manufacturing units must cut down their production bottlenecks and must improve their delivery performance.

To make their operation further easy, manufacturing companies must have a transparent method of operational mode between each department and branches. eresource ERP is a comprehensive enterprise resource Planning system that has been developed with best-practice support for multi-mode manufacturers in a broad range of Industries.

As the competition in the manufacturing sector world-wide getting more aggressive by each passing day, the SMB segment must concentrate more on improving their overall working system, with integrating more advanced resource planning application. We have many reason to recommend eresource ERP for Indian manufacturers. eresource ERP is designed for manufacturing excellence, with visibility throughout the operation and embedded support for a wide variety of manufacturing processes - including make-to-stock, make-to-order, configure-to-order, engineer-to-order , just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing and materials control, and lean operations.

Eresource ERP for manufacturing is consists of many useful modules such as Sales & Distribution Management, Purchase Management, Manufacturing, Planning & Control, Total Quality Management Inventory Management, Plant Maintenance, Excise Management, Human Resource Management, Finance Resource Management.

We have more information on eresource that can be shared with you. Let us meet and discuss how this system can improve your companies' growth rate. Call us today for a meeting.

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Modern ERP systems can provide greater working freedom

As the ERP market got matured in India, there were speculation that a few large ERP software companies would dominate the industry. However, with the advent of more affordable ERP solutions such as eresource, manufacturing companies in SME sector in India has started benefitting greatly. The high demand for ERP application from the small and middle-market manufactures is a big morale boosting for ERP system providers, which has given encouragement to innovate new additions to the system that would greatly help the SMEs in the coming days.

Easy way of operational methodologies and an user-friendly interface with more advanced features are the highlight of eresource ERP systems that give the SMEs an upper hand in their business process. eresource ERP has been developed to meet the requirements of various types of manufacturers.

In a short span of 8 years, eresource has grown in to a position where its competitors are the lead players in the market. During this period eresource has identified and evaluated ERP software specifically for manufacturing industries such as process manufacturing industry, chemicals, castings, electronics, equipment, food, molded products, primary metals and printed products. Eresource also developed ERP solution for numerous other industrial verticals and implemented successfully.

For the last two decades, ERP packages have experienced extensive development in features and functions. With this revolution, eresource ERP package now comprises of dozens of modules. Also with the introduction of cloud-based ERP solution buyers have more flexibility in selecting specific features and modules.

Customization of ERP system

The early version of ERP system was highly rigid and required programmer-level skills and source-code access in order to make even minor changes, such as alterations to screen layouts. Unfortunately, there are some companies still relying in this types first-generation ERP solutions. Come to think of, customizing these software packages is an expensive venture. We therefore advise our customers to look for more flexible and reliable ERP solution rather than spending in the customization of the out-dated system which is going to be a waste of resources.

Modern ERP systems like eresource provide greater independence through customization and personalization tools. In addition to this customization tool , eresource ERP systems come with workflow-management tools, which also allow a company to adapt the software to its own, unique business processes. Workflow tools, for example, can interrupt a software process; suspend a transaction and send a notification; suspend a transaction for managerial approval; or route a partially completed transaction to another employee. These tools help coordinate the activities of several employees, working in different areas of a company.

Data conversion

Like it has been mentioned earlier, upgrading an aging ERP system is a costly affair and often, the cost to convert historical transaction data outweighs the benefits. eresource ERP offer data-import routines, templates and tools that simplify the process and reduce the data-conversion costs. The system allows extraction of data from the old system, which can copied into the new system quickly and with integrity checks.

Although it is encouraging situation that the ERP software has reached market maturity, ERP implementation has been considered as a biggest software investment project. It is where the role of eresource is getting more irrelevant. Because it is a one of the best ERP system available in the Indian market for an affordable cost. Call us to know for more details.

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Implement ERP and make your business technology-oriented

We are living in the technological era. To be successful in this era, every organization need to be a technology-driven one. ERP Software or Enterprise Resource Planning being an essential business application, ignoring or down-sizing the usage of this marvelous technological advancement can backfire the growth of a business organization.

eresource ERP, one of the leading ERP software solution providers in India today, excelled its technology in almost all the industrial verticals. You name it and we have it. From manufacturing to trading industry there are numerous industries that have benefited from eresource ERP during the last decade. With our recent addition of ERP solution for Car Rental Services, we have widened our operational areas and there are many more are in the pipeline.

Over the last decade we have successfully implemented our ERP software in many different industrial segments. Although some of these were new to usage of ERP software system, some of them were using a MRP solution in place before embarking into eresource ERP solution. These companies, however, noticed that their MRP system formed islands of data that inhibited information flow. It was inadequate for the needs of these companies whose businesses were large and complex.

For a successful implementation and operations of an ERP solution, an organization must do some pre-planning and a systematic re-engineering. Re-engineering of operations must be carried out with the future course of growth into consideration. It is also important carry out thorough analysis of the ability of applications to meet core business process needs and identifying gaps between core needs and existing application's features and functionality should b e documented well with alternatives, including estimates of all resources and schedule impacts.

It is a common belief that ERP system is a complex application especially when when it comes to handling multiple functions and some of the ERP packages that were implemented years ago prone to serving only individual functions. The scenario has changed massively and today Web-based ERP solution such as eresource ERP handle any complex and multiple operations easily and quickly. eresource ERP software could not only integrate different functions from different departments but also different function from different industries.

In the earlier days ERP solutions were used as an exclusive internal solution of an organization and even all employees of in the organization were not aware of the existence of a technology under their nose or they have lacked the information about functioning. With the advent of Web-based eresource ERP everyone in this organization started realizing the functionalities of an ERP solution also its benefits.

Though there was awareness that ERP system was a web friendly application the advantage has not been fully explored, until eresource made its entry. However other ERP solutions had its own reservations in using internet abundantly. eresource ERP worked on them and hence became totally a web friendly application.

There is also misconception that an ERP system is only for the large organizations. However, that is not correct. We can say with confidence that the Small and medium-sized businesses are the major beneficiaries of ERP system and they are the main force that pushed the ERP growth in India.

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eresource, business intelligence tool that enables better forecasting

Business today can succeed only if it has a powerful forecasting solution and ERP is undoubtedly the best solution for a better forecasting. It will be better if organizations realize without accurate forecasting, businesses can't always deliver on the promise.. An effective ERP system that enables Integration between front-end sales and back-office systems in organization can now forecast the seasonal and cyclical spikes and dips.

Eresource ERP enables reduction and elimination of bottlenecks and shortages in business processes. As the customers always expect a fast order-fulfillment, a cloud-powered ERP system such as eresource with integrated capabilities and business intelligence tools, is just what the need of the hour..

Our ERP system generates a statistical forecast for each item-location combination as per the norms set by the e user. The user can then make adjustments to the system generated item-location forecasts and aggregate them nationally, regionally or by other criteria such as product, class or market zone. There are also options that allow further adjustments which aggregates and be prorated back down to the item-location level to drive production and deployment decisions.

An effective forecasting method will help the organization in many ways to organize its business process. Apart from the forecasting method, the ERP system will enable to generate quick orders and distribute it to the other people who have involved in a matter of seconds. This will not only save the time but also can avoid unwanted paperwork. As all the staff involved in the process will working on the same information there will be less chance of mistakes happening in between the work process.

Once implemented, eresource ERP starts its functioning and starts with deal with the people in charge of handling stocks. This is because these people are the first ones to know when a product is not going to be available, and when there is going to be plenty of another one. This will help the ERP system to guide vendors to reduce unnecessary stocks by offering the product that might be exceeding reasonable inventory.

Our ERP system, which has an easy to operate interface allows easy process of invoicing and delivery that can be managed with the click of mouse button. When an order is entered all the information is available for vendors to deal with clients at the same time that they are dealing with stocks, prices and possibilities of discount. This information arrives correctly and in a complete way to the rest of the employees speeding up posterior work.

eresource ERP system can bring a kind of magic that simplifies daily tasks to your organization. It keeps your employees updated about what they need to know to increase their efficiency levels. Over and above this system also gives you the chance to control anybody at anytime.

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The ultimate economical ERP framework in India

T o reach creation distinction, you require to have   a   constructive and well organized enterprise resource planning (ERP) framework in yo...