Friday, March 30, 2012

eresource ERP sales module emphasis that Customer is God

We have learned how one can login to the eresource Web-based ERP solution and the master module to create multiple companies, multiple branches under one company and multiple warehouse under one branch, etc.

Now let us turn our focus to the Sales Module. You will agree that Sales is the most important aspect concerning any business. No business can witness success unless the company treats their customer as a God. Therefore Sales module also can be termed as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module.

As we have promised you to take through all modules of eresource ERP system, let us start from the Sales module considering the importance of the module. In eresource, the process of sales starts from the Sales Personnel section, allowing sales personnel capture the source of lead, which could be from various sources.

Sales Order Module Comprises of Contact Management and Sales Order Processing Management. It is an integrated solution comprising of marketing and sales activities. Organization can act immediately improve sales, service and marketing effectiveness by using this Module. eresource Sales Management module is all about retaining customers, improving customer loyalty and gaining customer insight. What is notable is Sales module in resource ERP system also help to you getting your customer order management easier day by day. Whether it is maintaining customer information, quickly creating a quote or migrating it to sales order or being responsive to your customers, we provide you right solution and efficient flow of information.

Provision to classify product categorization in different levels, here in the example below, the classification of the product is defined on the basis of Product Group (Example, Flanges), Product Sub Group (Example SLIP ON), and other parameters like, Size, Pressure Rating, Wall Thickness, Flange Grade, Ends Flange, Coating, etc.,

Search on product can be done using different permutation and combination. All information of one product can be viewed at one central screen, likewise, Weighted Average price, Last purchase, Sales history, Available Customers, In transit of the product, Stock Information, Purchase history of the product, etc.,

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