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Quality Management erp in india

Quality Management in eresource ERP is 100% configurable module. This module allows a wide variety of characteristics and parameters to be specified in the stand inspection operation and maintain an extensive history to improve product quality and identify recurring problems.

Eresource ERP Quality Management allows the quality department to define its own quality test cases required at different juncture of production, beginning from quality check required during the inward of raw materials. Further Quality Characteristics, parameters and expected results, under each quality process check can be configured without any programming assistance.

The material inspection sub system offers a wide range of capabilities for process supervision and control. These capabilities are fully integrated with the other modules such as purchasing, inventory management and shop floor control function to ensure that the right quality control procedures are followed.

Capabilities include on-line maintenance of product specifications by production method and customer, event driven sample requests, sample log-in, test results entry; quality performance analysis and equipment calibration support is available in eresource ERP.

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Quote Management erp in india

Eresource ERP Quote Management enables you to establish special price quotations for existing products. These quotations can then be printed on quote forms and mailed to customers and can be saved for future orders
New quotations can be created by copying and modifying existing quotations or the quotation can be created from the enquiries that were generated. All the properties of the existing quote of enquiry are inherited in the new quote.

Most standard data files and tables used by the eresource ERP Sales Order Management module are shared with the Quote Management module. These include customers, addresses, products, prices, salespersons, and other information.

During the process of Quote, the sales person can check the available stock of the item that the sales person is quoting for. Further, the outstanding balance of the potential customer can be checked. Quotations may be entered for existing customers or new sales prospects. Eresource ERP automatically maintains a file of active prospects.

How it works?

From the initial Quotation Entry Screen, one may enter new quotes, view and modify existing quotes, enter new prospect information, and retrieve existing prospects or customers. In addition, when quotations have been accepted, prospects may be converted to customers and quotations may be converted to orders.

Extensive comments may be established on a quotation. These comments may be printed on the quote form and transmitted to the customer/prospect, if required. When the quote is converted to a sales order, one may designate whether or not to print the comments on sales order confirmations and invoices.

The eresource ERP Quote Management module provides for a user-defined table of Quotation Status Codes. These status codes can be used to analyze the effectiveness and productivity of the quotation function.

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Purchase Order Management erp in india

The purchase order management module in eresource ERP includes On-time Requisition, Contract Management, Rate Sealing with vendors, Vendor Management. This module also offers access to approved supplier, purchase order management, purchase enquiry to be floated to multiple vendors on just a click of a button.

Purchasing is a very important component of material management module. This module is fully integrated with other module in eresource ERP. The purchasing module of eresource ERP supports all phases of material management, material planning and control, purchasing, goods receiving, inventory management and invoice verification. The purchase module communicates with other modules to ensure a constant flow of information.

Purchase module in eresource streamlines procurement of required raw materials, Packaging Material, Sub Assembly and other Non Inventory Materials. It automates the processes of identifying potential suppliers, Supplier Evaluation, Supplier Quote Evaluation, awarding purchase order to the supplier, and billing processes. Purchase module is tightly integrated with the inventory control and production planning modules.

Evaluates vendors and purchasing, performance; controls and administers requisitions, repetitive supplier schedules, purchase orders, and receiving; facilitates the procurement process; and integrates fully with accounts payable

Further, Vendor evaluation process is integrated in purchase module enabling the purchase orders to be raised only to the approved vendors. The purchase department can also determine whether the vendors perform the services within the specified time frames and appraised the quality of the work carried out.

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Finance Management erp in india

Irrespective of your business depth, whether it is stretched across the globe or locally focused, eresource ERP Financial Management module is tightly integrated all your business needs. Eresource ERP module comprises of material management to human resource to logistics.

The financial module in eresource ERP provides financial functionality and analysis reports for different departments and cost centers. The financial module comprises of features such as

Financial Accounting

General Ledger
Account Receivable
Account payable
Fixed Asset A/C
Debut Note/ Credit Note/ Journal Entries
Bank Reconciliation
Statutory & Regulatory

Value added tax analysis & reporting
TDS & service tax
Enterprise Controlling

Executive Information System
Business Planning & budgeting
Profit centre accounting
In addition, eresource ERP's financial accounting provides company-wide integration that is essential to strategic decision making. The financial accounting module in eresource ERP gives you the ability to centrally track financial accounting data within a single framework, of multiple companies, multiple branches and chart of accounts.

Whatever the financial goals of your organization may have, the financial module of eresource ERP work hand-in-hand to improve the bottom-line.

Finance Resource Management in eresource gathers financial data from various functional departments and generates valuable financial reports such as balance Sheet, Trial balance, General Ledgers, Quarterly Financial Reports, Account Statements, Gross Profit Analysis, Cost Center wise Analysis, Branch wise Profit Analysis, profitability report, Asset and Depreciation Management, Tax Management, ABC Analysis and many more.

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Service Management Module erp in india

Eresource ERP Service Management module is to log and render timely support to the customers after sales. The module helps to meet the demand of customers by providing them the facility to access information and answer to the service request.

By implementing this module the customer is supported by round-the-clock service by us. This feature facilitates all necessary information and solutions the customers required to help themselves, anytime and anywhere.

The customer can log the support call; these calls can be assigned to the respective site engineers. The site engineers view all calls allotted them. After the call is attended and addressed, ability for site engineers to capture the call information available in this module.

Furthermore, customer can view this product information, support agreement and support call status. Any spare part required for this call can be requested by the site engineer. The service management module also allows creating service invoice and spare part invoice.

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Service Management Module erp in india

Eresource ERP Service Management module is to log and render timely support to the customers after sales. The module helps to meet the demand of customers by providing them the facility to access information and answer to the service request.

By implementing this module the customer is supported by round-the-clock service by us. This feature facilitates all necessary information and solutions the customers required to help themselves, anytime and anywhere.

The customer can log the support call; these calls can be assigned to the respective site engineers. The site engineers view all calls allotted them. After the call is attended and addressed, ability for site engineers to capture the call information available in this module.

Furthermore, customer can view this product information, support agreement and support call status. Any spare part required for this call can be requested by the site engineer. The service management module also allows creating service invoice and spare part invoice.

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Plant and Machine Maintenance erp in india

The time has changed, machine breakdown and idle repair is no more accepted practice. The plant maintenance module in eresource ERP provides an integrated solution for supporting the operational efficiency. The plant maintenance module covers all equipment / machines of the plant.

The major sub-system of plant maintenance module in eresource ERP comprises of:

Preventive Maintenance Control

Equipment Tracking

Component Tracking

Repair and spare parts maintenance warranty claim tracking.
The plant maintenance module in eresource ERP provides an integrated business reports. This reports help you to reduce the duration and cost of downtime. All maintenance tasks such as inspection, servicing and repair activities are saved in a historical database

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Human Resource Management erp in india

The Human Resource Module in eresource ERP has a set of rich features and integrates seamlessly with other module. Eresource ERP HR module offers you wide solutions for HR department making it possible for other department to access specific employee data. The HR modules covers all the function required in business practice and is flexible enough to optimize the business processes by configuring to suit customer's requirement.

Human Resource module streamlines the management of human resources and human capitals. It comprises of four broad sections, mainly Training, Recruitment, Payroll and Attendance. HR module in eresource ERP routinely maintains a complete employee database including contact information, salary details, attendance, performance evaluation and promotion of all employees.

eresource ERP Human resource Management is a suite of integrated solution, designed to facilitate HR operations by reducing time-intensive administrative tasks and lowering costs by deploying self-service applications. Eresource ERP solution offers many different sub-systems under the HR module. Listed below are some of the most common sub systems.

Personnel Management: The personnel management comprises of HR master-data, personnel administration, recruitment and salary administration.

Organizational Management: Organizational management includes, organizational structure, staffing schedules & job description.

Payroll System: Salary management, statutory reporting, attendance management for salary calculation.
Time Management: Time management includes shift planning, time recording, absence & leave management.

Personal Development: This section comprises of training and event management, additional training determination and training assessment.

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Repetitive Manufacturing erp in india

Repetitive Manufacturing module in Eresource ERP provides high volume manufacturing functionality and also provide for the transition to rate-based production by allowing the use of repetitive scheduling even for products that are not rate-based.

This feature allows a production facility to transition products from discreet manufacturing into repetitive focus. For example, when the demand pattern for an item begins to stabilize and show a repeatable / predictable pattern then a production schedule can be initiative even though the item may not be designated. Over the period of time, when the items demand pattern grows, the item can be switched to full rate based production scheduling.

This transition capability enables production facilities to adopt process reengineering, setup reduction programs, employee empowerment, work teams, etc., with the confidence of knowing that the planning and control system will effectively support their efforts. Repetitive focus includes strong analytic history provides current day, month-to-date, and year-to-date results as well as calculation of maximum and average production results per hour.

Repetitive Management process in eresource ERP can be used when a production plan for repetitive product manufacturing is created. The process of repetitive management also includes analysis, planning according to MRP.

Eresource ERP also creates one or more planned orders that have a direct reference to a sales order on the basis of which the material is produced. Repetitive Management features in eresource can be also used for Make to Stock production.

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Engineering Change Controlerp in india

Eresource ERP Engineering data management is designed to help your company trim data transfer time, reduce errors and increase design productivity by providing an automated link between engineering and production information.

The first step to shorter product development cycles is increased efficiency in design and development activities.

Eresource ERP allow smooth integration of engineering data (import) from Excel format to simplify the exchange of information about drawings, items, BOMs and routings.

By using Engineering change control businesses can gain effective control over engineering change orders. Your company can define the authorization steps for approving and implementing an engineering change order.

You can use the eresource ERP Engineering Change Control feature to automatically retrieve future or past design configurations.

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Lot Control and Traceability erp in india

Eresource ERP Lot Control and Traceability offers a full range of reports by lot and serial number to ensure its effectiveness in your manufacturing environment.

Eresource ERP solution through its Lot Control and Traceability function provides the facility for the designation of raw material lots and the serialization of the component parts made from those lots. This capability ensures the integrity and configuration management of critical parts and products.

Lot Control and serialization options are defined at the system level and when one of these options is activated individual items are defined to be controlled by either lot number or serial number or by item number (not lot or serial tracked) on the part master file. When a part is defined as being tracked by lot number or serial number, that tracking is enforced throughout all material transactions for that item and upward through its parent items.

For purchased items lot or serial numbers are required for the full quantity of receipt, and are entered as part of the receiving transaction. For receipts with many serial number tracked items, ranges of numbers may be entered. A running total of items accounted for with lot or serial number assignments are displayed, thereby ensuring that the entire received quantity is properly identified prior to completion of the transaction.

Furthermore, the system checks current inventory to ensure that duplicate numbers are not assigned. On subsequent inventory transactions, lot and serial traceability is enforced upward through the item's bill of material structure. The lot or serial number and quantity are required on all material issues.

To assist the user, all of the lot or serial numbers for the part being issued, as well as the quantity available for issue, can be displayed. Stock status reports and pick lists are printed with lot/serial number detail. Alternately, a lot or serial number can be entered that will yield the part number, quantity, and location(s) where it is stocked. Configuration records are maintained for every lot and serial controlled item.

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Cost Reporting Management erp in india

Eresource ERP Cost Management feature provides visibility of cost at a single market place. With competition increasing the pressure on margins, your business needs accurate and detailed manufacturing cost reporting for effective business management.

Eresource ERP provides extensive cost information at several levels that helps the business owner to identify cost elements and reduce product cost. Product Manufacturing costing elements in eresource is formulated based of different parameters, including, routing, machines, production volumes, batch sizes, depreciation, labour, material cost, admin cost, selling cost, etc.

Further eresource ERP support multiple inventory valuation methods so you can choose the costing method that best reflects your company's business. For example, eresource ERP has features that let your company compare estimates and production costs for different work centers, machines, employees, and order quantities while monitoring overtime, indirect hours, subcontracted jobs and other costs.

Additionally, you can choose standard, LIFO (Last in first out), FIFO (First in first out), moving average unit, or lot costing, and costing methods can be assigned by item.

Eresource ERP provides extensive information about production cost at several levels, which gives you the visibility you need to identify cost drivers and reduce product costs.

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Capacity Requirement Planning erp in india

Today's customer-focused business environment makes it more sophisticated for manufacturers to have an effective production plan for managing material and capacity planning. Customers want accurate shipment dates - sometimes to the hour - even when there are schedule and product changes.

The planning systems in eresource ERP is designed to provide the responsiveness your company needs to meet these customer requirements. With these systems, planners can simulate alternative plans; gaining the information they need to determine, which parts and assemblies to make, which to buy and when to produce or purchase it.

Meeting your business goals requires detailed production planning and effective execution control. Eresource ERP gives your company full control with flexible scheduling and sophisticated shop floor functionality. To reduce effort and accelerate communication across the supply chain, planned orders can be confirmed and converted automatically into production and purchase order.

But the important element before converting the planning order into production, it is extremely important to determine whether or not there is enough capacity to produce the required order. By Capacity, eresource ERP refers to Man, Machine, Material and Money.

Eresource checks and validates every order based on the available capacity and thus allows performing backward schedule or forward schedule. Capacity Management capability in eresource ERP helps the scheduling department allocate resources as needed, accounting for factors such as delivery dates, production rates and equipment needs.

Eresource ERP planning dashboard shows all scheduled production, current production status, utilization and materials and capacity available

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Shop Floor Control erp in india

eresource ERP provides highly configurable manufacturing module for the shop floor control.

With increasing emphasis placed upon reducing manufacturing time in support of the need to reduce product time to market, manufacturers have turned greater attention to evaluating their shop floor activities.

Shop Floor Control in eresource ERP provides all functions required to manage and control the manufacturing floor, including on-line routing maintenance, labour reporting, and scheduling. The shop floor module maintains the data needed to optimize on time completions, evaluate plant workload, and determine capacity needs. Relevant Shop Floor Control is integrated with other modules to maintain current work order information at all times.

Management needs timely, accurate information and the ability to manage the shop floor by exception. Cost information must be flexible as well. As factories are realigned to reduce material travel time through a facility, this realignment places an added burden upon the supporting systems. Eresource ERP's Shop floor control system is flexible and adapt to changing needs.

Eresource ERP provides full function shop order maintenance capability, allowing the user to evaluate and adjust operation steps and components. Orders can be re-scheduled either backwards or forward.

Benefit at a glance

Gain control and improve efficiency at a single shop or at multiple locations throughout your enterprise. Accurate production data can be used by costing applications with real or standardized allocations.
Eresource ERP shop floor control program readily integrates with automation for automatic counting
The shop floor control program collects data and provides custom shop floor control by lot, job, schedule, product, work center etc.

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Purchasing Management erp in india

Eresource ERP is a flexible ERP solutions that match the way your business works. In today's world of globalization and price pressures, it is imperative that your ERP systems offer business-specific solutions with industry experience built in. This is true for discrete and process manufacturers and well as for distributors.

Eresource ERP is an advanced, web-enabled Supply Chain Management and Execution solution. It is designed to reduce supply chain costs, reduce inventory and increase operational efficiencies. It delivers significant return on investment (ROI) by increasing supplier visibility, enabling inter-enterprise communication, and providing a high level of systems integration.

Just reaching the supply chain isn't enough - taking advantage of the procurement methodology that best fits each commodity is a must. Eresource ERP gives you total flexibility to control each commodity based on how it is utilized and consumed, including discrete purchase orders, standard forecast, shipping schedules or supplier managed inventory.

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Inventory Management and Orders erp in india

Efficient inventory management should be able to rapidly respond to customer requirements; at the same time should be flexible enough to undertake any corrections when required, and do the so without adversely affecting operational efficiencies. The eresource ERP Inventory Management module offers effective features to minimize warehousing costs and to optimize storage needs in line with the requirements at hand.

The eresource ERP inventory management module offers a host of advanced warehousing features such as modification, balancing, transfer, and reverse operations. Many features including management of multiple storage centers and locations, specialised inventory management features (serial numbers, batch tracking, and special stock), which are part of a diverse capability in inventory management, are included as standard functionality within the eresource ERP Inventory Management module.

Inventory management within the eresource ERP system provides a high degree of flexibility for handling complex storage needs, and assures continuous update of warehouse inventory through multiple inventory methods and different types of auditing. All materials input and output transactions are fully automated due to the seamless integration with other associated modules within the system. This also enables efficient, prompt and trouble-free inventory transactions within enterprises.

Keeping track of your stock

The high level of integration found within the eresource ERP system provides end-users with the highest level of visibility into materials transactions within their enterprise, and assures the accuracy of the data relating to the inventory within the warehouse.

Inventory management assumes significant importance in a highly integrated supply chain and the module facilitates accomplishment of organizational objectives including cost efficiency and enhanced customer loyalty by rendering superior visibility and streamlined processes

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Warehouse Management erp in india

Warehouse Management

Manufacturers who make a substantial number of shipments from a distribution facility have likely considered bringing a degree of automation to its warehouse and shipping functions.

For some companies, a full-blown Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a necessity, particularly if their operation relies on an automated racking system, perhaps housed in a rack-mounted structure with its own track-mounted materials-handling system.

However, for the vast majority of manufacturers - even those that complete a large number of shipments every day - a WMS that is separate and distinct from their other business systems will be counterproductive.

Flexibility and adaptability

You may have the hottest product ready to hit market. You may have the best marketing campaign ever conceived. You may have phones ringing off the hook with interested prospects. You may have all this and more. But the simple fact remains that, if you cannot locate, pick, pack, and ship material and products that's in your warehouse, these great feats go for naught. A significant under pining of any successful company is an agile, proactive, and responsive Warehouse Management System (WMS).

An effective WMS can reduce human errors by preventing product from being putaway in the wrong location, picking the wrong product, or picking the correct product but in the wrong quantity. Additionally, such a system can increase the productivity of the warehouse by reducing traveling time, maximizing the use of available space, and suggesting moves for better space utilization.

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Bill of Materials (BoM) erp in india

Bill of Materials (BoM)

Bills of Materials (BOM) are normally accessed according to production or procurement deadlines. The History Management function allows several types of BOM to be managed simultaneously, and can be operated according to the needs of the customer.

Single Level Bills of materials and Multi Level Bills of Material can be generated in eresource ERP. For each manufactured line item on a WO, the system provides a bill of materials (BOM) and routing. In the single Level bill of materials only those subordinate components can be captured that are immediately required to manufacture the product.

The multiple BOM concept aids the management of a variety of similar BOMs (variant problem). Common components of similar BOMs are recorded in a 'Reference BOM-M' while components specific to individual BOMs are recorded in a separate 'Single Level BOM-M'. In this way, the BOM of a given material consists of a combination of data referring to common and individual components.

The advantage of this function is that changes of (data regarding) common components need only be carried out in the Reference BOM-M.

The data of BOMs is automatically shown against the work orders providing the ability to include configured items on a WO's BOM.

This gives the stores department to check if the stock of materials is available for a product manufacturing or batch manufacturing. Once the individual customer order is entered, it specifies how much components are required, the quantity including wastage and at what level of production the components will be required.

eresource ERP Bills of Materials are completely integrated into the system and support:

The procurement of materials at the optimum time (Material Requirement Planning module)
The placing of production orders (Production Planning and Control Module)
The issue of goods (Inventory Management Module)

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Customer Relationship Management erp in india

For accomplishing desired success, organizations continuously strive for increased sales performance, superior customer service and enhanced customer relationship management.

To achieve these objectives you need solutions that provide rapid access to centralized customer information. You should also be able to access detailed and up-to-date communication history to foster customer and prospect relationships, close sales and streamline all customer contact activities.

Eresource ERP offers consistent and readily available customer and prospect data, allowing you to manage pre-sales activities, perform automated sales processes, deliver consistent customer service, evaluate sales and service successes and identify trends, problems and opportunities.

Benefits at a glance

Interaction with other areas of the system, gives you a 'clear' view of the customer
Maximising opportunities and retaining high value customers enhances revenue and profit.
Provides value-added services enable you to stay ahead of your competitors.
Improves product development and service delivery processes
Prepare your personnel with in-depth knowledge of the customer's needs
Organizes the customer experience through quick problem resolution
Easy re-run of customer information over and over again

Successful customer interaction

The eresource ERP CRM module helps you know your customer better and includes many features such as activities, history, related contacts, addresses of your customers and their relations with your competitors. The flexible database structures enables you whatever information you would like to keep on your customer and maintains such information for your future reference.

The eresource ERP CRM module also facilitates control and organization of entire sales process, from offer to invoice. It empowers your sales staff by providing details such as inventory status, estimated costs and delivery time, risk status, habits and special demands, and previous trades during offer stage.

The eresource ERP CRM module offers an effective customer complaint management tool which also includes repairs processing and document management.

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Master Production Schedule erp in India

Master Production Schedule

Eresource ERP Master Production Scheduling System considers all significant demands and replenishments that are identified for production, and translates those demands into a supply demand schedule for manufacturing.

Eresource ERP Master Production Scheduling system is used in conjunction with Material Requirements Planning (MRP) to schedule finished goods production and raw materials requirements when and where they are required.

Simply put it, Eresource EP Master Production Scheduling system translates a business plan with forecasted demand (sales orders) into a workable production plan (supply orders). A typical production plan would consist of planned orders in a multi-level (Bill of Material - BOM) scheduling environment.

Eresource ERP Master Production Scheduling system quickly and accurately schedules all item requirements for each manufacturing facility.

Some of the benefits of using Master Production Schedule module are it helps last minute scheduling, shortage avoidance, efficient allocations of resources and cost control. It gives the customer timely information on what they need and when they need. Eresource ERP's MPS module organizes what the customer need to do and when efficiently. The schedule can be re-calculated easily when a process fails, for example, the situations like a material shortage or manpower absence.

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Material Requirement Planning (MRP) erp in india

For any growing business enterprises it is important to have a reliable and user-friendly ERP system with a genuine MRP module. Eresource ERP's Material Requirements Planning can organize, schedule and reschedule materials as far into the future as required.

Every organization has its own strategy to achieve pre-conceived target contradictory to working ideas expressed by their marketing or accounts departments. The marketing group wants to make sure there are enough inventories on hand to fulfill all customer requests, the accounting group is charged with keeping cost down, which includes keeping inventory levels low. In the middle is the inventory control group.

Eresource ERP's MRP gives you an instant picture of projected inventory investment levels, as well as projected new purchases in accordance with your plan. Projections can be made on any MRP cycle. This provides an added dimension of visibility for directing the planning focus on the most significant areas of your investment. This also helps you to validate a plan financially and make swift adjustments before committing your cash.

The aim of the eresource ERP's Material Requirements Planning (MRP) document is to supply information that will enable the company to have enough inventory on hand to fulfill demand, available only when needed, at a quality level that meets specification, and at the lowest price. Eresource ERP's MRP module can provide the basic needs of keeping inventory levels low and fulfilling customer expectations for on time delivery.

Eresource ERP's Material Requirements Planning or MRP assists you in getting material on hand when needed for production or sales. The four basic information provided by the eresource MRP module are: informing you (1) when to place an order, (2) how much quantity to be ordered, (2) who should be the supplier and (4) when the items to be delivered to you

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Manufacturing Resource Planning - MRP II erp in india

MRP II or Manufacturing Resource Planning by itself is the original modality of what we know now as ERP, and covered materials planning. This is part of eresource's ERP solution.

MRP II is one of the evolution stages of eresource ERP and covers all the resources in a manufacturing company, with the additional ability to manage "what if" situations.

MRP II module in eresource ERP helps to maintain a neat agenda for the manner in which the resources are to be allocated without any confusion.

The interacting functions considered for this model are: Commercial Planning, Sales, Master Production Scheduling, Materials Resource Planning (MRP) and support systems for Capacity and Materials Execution.

There is a scheduling capability within the heart of the solution that concentrates on the resources, such as the plant and equipment required to convert the raw materials into finished goods. The advantages of this development are that detailed plans can be put to the shop floor and can be reported on by operation, which offers much tighter control over the plant.

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Production Planning and Control erp in india

Eresource ERP Production-Planning-Control Module provides capabilities for planning, execution, quality and plant maintenance.

Production Plan in eresource ERP is determined based on Resource Planning, Sales and Operation Planning and Demand of the Product. Having determined the information, eresource ERP generates Master Production Schedule. Following are few screenshots from eresource ERP, which helps identify the resources for MPS. Brief flow chart of eresource ERP, Production Planning and Control algorithm is also given below for your ready reference.

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