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Complete ERP Package

eresource offers a complete ERP package

Increases quality and visibility of the information

eresource ERP solution is an ERP software application built with 100% Microsoft technology helps mid-market manufacturing businesses achieve increase productivity, lower costs and happier customer. eresource is pioneering Microsoft.NET technology to create the next generation of enterprise software.

By organizing information and automating business processes across the entire enterpirse, eresource ERP builds flexibility and control into every facet of your business environment and increases the quality and visibility of the information you need to make more profitable decisions.

eresource ERP addresses the following business needs.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP):
Complete integration of planning, materials management and procurement, manufacturing and financial business processes reduces costs and improves productivity, quality and control within your operation.

Supplier collaboration:
Two-way information exchange and collaboration with supplier improves procurement execution and reduces material costs without reducing manufacturing responsiveness and flexibility.

Customer relationship management (CRM):
Automation and integration of sales marketing, support and e-commerce helps you win sales and improve customer satisfaction, increasing customer responsiveness and loyalty.

Web-based application and adoption of Microsoft's .NET technology enables you to access information, sell product, run business processes and connect with customers and partners anytime, anywhere via the Internet.

Extended enterprise:
eresource ERP is designed to support businesses that operate at a single location or with multiple plants.

Business intelligence:
Business intelligence (BI) tools provide complete visibility into your system's critical business data, allowing you to make faster, better informed and progressive company decisions.

Technology infrastructure:
Microsoft based solution facilitates a smooth, quick implementation and simplified system administration, customization and integration of your business system, while also providing a stable, scalable technology infrastructure.

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ERP is the answer for SMB

Nothing more to look beyond when it is eresource ERP

ERP provides integrated business applications that cover all core and supporting processes designed to enhance business performance for small and medium-sized businesses. eresource ERP is differentiated by its focus on integrated industry-specific functionality and commitment to open standards, which enables greater flexibility and lower cost of ownership.

The major modules of the eresource ERP systems are Manufacturing, Planning and Control, Sales and Distribution, Inventory management, Financial management, Purchase management, Supply Chain Management and Total Quality Management.

ERP modules prove companies the means with which to connect, configure and customize the ERP system in a simple and straightforward manner. This ERP suite permits the customization of role-based portals and user interaction, application-to-application integration and business-to-business communication, thereby ensuring that customers' enterprise needs for business process modeling are fully supported.

ERP Sales and Distribution module is a complete suite of applications designed specifically to give medium-sized enterprises complete management of their customers, with the specific goal of maximizing both their revenues and margins. It is designed for companies that are typically fast moving and competitive, whose success depends on differentiated service levels and value-added services.

Tool for strategic decision-making and operational control

ERP plant maintenance management module is a best-of-breed maintenance solution that provides set data management, preventive maintenance, work order control, diagnostics management and statistical analysis which can significantly enhance the management of operational assets.

ERP finance module is designed for customers who want to capture, analyze and manage all financial information related to their companies' operations. It has specific appeal to the needs of product-centric, international, distributed organizations that require advanced, integrated functionality and that want to minimize administrative overheads.

Purchase Management module in eresource ERP streamlines procurement of required raw materials, packaging material, sub assembly and other non-inventory materials. It automates the processes of identifying potential suppliers, Supplier Evaluation, Supplier Quote Evaluation, awarding purchase order to the supplier, and billing processes. Purchase module is tightly integrated with the inventory control and production planning modules.

Manufacturing, Planning and Control Module in eresource ERP optimizes the utilization of manufacturing capacity, parts, components and material resources using historical production data and sales forecasting. Planning right from sales until production will be available to the Management on a click of a button. The Planning module comprises of Forecasting based on Weighted Average, Multi Level Production Planning, Inventory and Material Planning, Capacity Planning, etc.

ERP Supply Chain Management is designed to increase visibility and improve material flow through the supply chain by managing planning, scheduling, procurement and fulfillment for optimum service levels and maximum profitability. Eresource ERP Supply Chain copes as easily with the configuration of increasingly complex supply chains as it does with high volumes of simple transactions, using flexible tools to help with strategic decision-making and operational control.

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ERP system and reduction of lead time

eresource ERP system helps reduction of lead-time

Plays a significant role in purchasing and inventory control

THE non-availability of an item that is required for production can result in several problems like missing delivery schedule,losing customer goodwill due to the delayed delivery or even losing the customer to competition. One can avoid the situation by requesting for the materials well in advance of when they are actually needed or by keeping a large buffer stock or maintaining a very high re-order level.

But all this means that large inventories must be kept, which is money blocked. Also the practical consequences of allowing longer times for delivery seems to be that the present lead-times just grow to take up whatever slack is allowed. So, the company should find out the minimum lead-time and should attempt to context supplier's delivery delays instead of automatically increasing allowed lead-time.

The elapsed time between placing an order and receiving it is known as the lead-time. It plays a significant role in purchasing and inventory control.

So, in order to reduce the lead-timers the organization should have an efficient inventory management system, which is integrated with the purchasing production planning and production departments. In this era of just-in-time manufacturing the knowledge of the exact lead-timers for each and every item is of paramount important for uninterrupted production. For a company dealing with hundreds and thousands of raw materials and components, keeping track of the lead-times for each and every individual item manually is a practically impossible task.

eresource ERP system helps in automating this task and thus makes inventory management more efficient and effective. Since eresource ERP system is integrated and the materials management module is integrated with other modules like sales, marketing, purchasing, manufacturing and production planning, the demand for a particular item can be known as early as an order is received. Since all the records are kept in the system's database and since everything is up-to-date, finding out the items that are to be ordered takes no time.

So once the items that are to be manufactured are identified and once the production planning system prepares a production plan, the materials management module will prepare purchase orders for each and every item making into account the led-timers and when the items are required for production. If the purchasing process has to go through the invitation of quotations, vendor selection etc. the system does that also.

Since most suppliers are also connected to the organization's system, as soon as a purchase order or requisition is issued, the supplier's system is updated with that information. Thus, the supplier knows what items are to be supplied, and when. Since activities like preparation of contracts, issuing of purchasing orders and payments, etc. happen through the system electronically, the savings in time are phenomenal.

So eresource ERP system by virtue of their integrated nature and use of latest technologies reduce the lead times and make it possible for companies to have the items at the time they are needed.

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Suitable ERP for infrastructure and construction companies

No scope for malpractices or hoarding information

INFRASTRUCTURE and construction companies are known for having a large site network. Today's rapid business environment demands these companies to have on-line information on daily work progress. It is required for better planning and effective payment system.

eresource ERP is integrated with suitable modules that helps the management to get data from the sites on a daily basis. There is no need of expensive hardware installations. What you need at the site is only a PC and Internet connection and your work is done.

eresource ERP has a number of implementations in the construction and infrastructure field in its credit. It makes us happy when he hears our customers say they were able to recover the investment that they have made in our ERP solution within a year.

The first and most important benefit of eresource ERP solution is that information has now become completely transparent and seamless. There is no scope for malpractices or hoarding information. With a smooth information flow, decision-making has also become much quicker. Processes like purchasing materials have been automated and have been immense benefit from the solution.

Here are some of the key benefits of eresource ERP for construction and infrastructure.

All offices, branches with its department and site offices are now connected on a single platform
Free flow of Information between departments
Effective fund management
Overview of the projects and instant availability of data and reports
With the implementation of web-based eresource ERP you also take your business online. Your company will link all the modules together to the central system and make the information flow in real-time.

The construction and infrastructure companies are witnessing the results of enterprise management and consolidation of information. One of the many benefits of implementing eresource ERP solution has been a tight integration between all projects and site offices with the company headquarters.

As a result of this improved coordination there is greater efficiency across the various business processes and function. The company will able to get a complete breakdown of its project costs in terms of material. With eresource ERP you have nothing to look beyond. Take the right decision. Implement eresource ERP and be happy with a business solution with guaranteed success.

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Sales and Distribution module ERP

Sales and Distribution module for 'just-in-time deliveries'

TO keep pace with rapid changes in the business world, companies need an integrated and flexible enterprise system that supports all aspects of their business with state-of-the-art functionality. ( This innovative solution should upgrade effortlessly and interface easily with third-party applications as well as have the ability to incorporate existing systems while extending its reach to the Internet and e-commerce.

In today's competitive business environment, companies are increasingly being forced to streamline business processes. In a world where it is no longer enough to simply have the best product, companies are focusing on core competencies and closer partnerships over the whole supply chain.

Here, increased efficiency in sales and distribution is a key factor to ensure that companies retain a competitive edge and improve both profit margins and customer service. In helping business to 'beat them on delivery', the Sales and Distribution module of eresource ERP systems offers a comprehensive set of best-of-bred component for both order and logistics management.

Eresource ERP system is tightly integrated with the Sales and Distribution module. This integration enables the mapping and supply of single-site or multi-site organizations. Developing precise logistics planning for just-in-time deliveries, this system can also generate replenishment orders by using defined warehouse requirements.

The following are the sales related business transactions:

Sales queries, such as inquiries and quotations
Sales orders
Outline agreements, such as contracts and scheduling agreements
After sales support

During sales order-processing the following basic functions are carried out:

Inquiry handling
Quotation preparation and processing
Contracts and contact management (order management)
Monitoring the sales transaction
Checking for availability
Transferring requirements to materials planning (MRP)
Scheduling the delivery
Calculating pricing and taxes
Checking credit limits
Creating printed or electronically transmitted documents

Depending on how your particular system is configured, these functions may be completely automated. The data that results from these basic functions is stored in the system where it can be displayed. Eresource ERP 's Sales and Distribution module very actively interacts with the material management and financial accounting module for delivery and billing.

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Purchase managed Module for purchase section

eresource ERP Purchase Module for a well-managed purchase section

eresource ERP's Purchase Management module enables the purchasing only when purchase requisitions are generated ideally through MRP run.The purchase management module in eresource ERP never encourages the buying of anything without valid requisition.

The standard purchasing flow in eresource ERP is as follows:

Orders are planned to cover customer and production requirements.
Messages are created identifying item, priority, and release timing.
Orders are reviewed; vendors, quantities, terms are changed and approved.
Orders are sent to the vendor through email.
Receiving process inbound material according to quality specifications.
Receiving routes materials based on production and customer requirements.
Accounts payable is updated from receiving process.

The procurement cycle for a service or material in our purchase management module are described hereunder:

Determination of requirements: Materials requirements are identified either in the user departments or via materials planning and control. (This can cover both MRP proper and the demand-based ap0proach to inventory control. The regular checking of stock levels of materials defined by master records, use of the order-point method, and forecasting on the basis of past usage are important aspect of the latter.) User can enter purchase requisition, or these can be generated automatically by the materials planning and control system

Source determinations: The purchasing components helps one to identify potential sources of supply based on past orders and existing longer-term purchase agreements. This speeds up the process of creating requests for quotation (RFQs), which can be sent to vendors electronically.

Vendor selection and comparison or quotations: The system is capable of simulating pricing scenarios, allowing one to compare a number of different quotations. Rejection letter can be sent automatically.

Purchase order processing: The purchasing system adopts information from the requisition and the quotation to help one create a purchase order. As with purchase requisitions, one can generate POs himself or have the system generate them automatically.

Purchase order follow-up: The system checks the reminder period one has specified and, if necessary, automatically prints reminders or expediters at the predefined intervals. It also provides one with an up-to-date status of all purchase requisitions, quotations and purchase orders.

Goods receiving and inventory management: Goods receiving personnel can confirm the receipt of good simply by entering the PO number. By specifying permissible tolerances, buyers can limit over and under-deliveries of ordered goods.

Invoice verification: The system support the checking and matching of invoices. The accounts payable clerk is notified of quantity and price variances because the system has access to PO and goods receipts data. This speeds the process and auditing and clearing invoices for payment.

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HR module in ERP can accelerate business growth

HR management is an essential factor

UNTIL recently the people involved in human resource work were usually called personnel managers.Their duties normally centered on staffing activities such as hiring, keeping employment records, attending to minor medical benefit problems and organizing company teams and outings.

Since then, dramatic changes have occurred in our society and in the make-up of the workforce. No longer can companies afford to look at people as commodity to be exploited to exhaustion and then discarded. In today's organizations employees are viewed as human resources that need to be carefully nurtured, accommodated and developed.

Human resources management is an essential factor of any successful business. The competitive environment of the next millennium, with its economic and technological challenges, will affect your HR department like all other areas of your enterprises. In short, HR managers must continually review and optimize their business process.

The HR modules of eresource ERP system have a set of rich features and will integrate seamlessly with the other modules and are thus, invaluable aids in improving productivity. They offer company-wide solutions for HR departments and make it possible for other departments to access specific employee data.

A human resource management system has to be adaptable to company specific requirements as well as to constantly growing HR requirements. It should cover all the functions required in business practices and be flexible enough to allow you to optimize your business processes by tailoring the ERP solution to suit your organization's needs. Today, businesses cross boundaries and spread across different part of the globe. The system should support the organization's international needs with country specific versions of the HR components.

Currencies, legal requirements and accounting systems often vary from country to country as well, making this a vital feature. A flexible structure enables quick and easy customization on the system to suit your requirements. When you log-on from any part of this world, you must have access to the system's complete functionality.

Here are some of the most common sub-systems available in eresource ERP's HR module. The list is to give an idea about some options available. (The list is not comprehensive).

Personal management (HR master-data, personnel administration, information systems, recruitment, travel management, benefits administration, salary administration)

Organizational management (organizational structure, staffing schedules, job descriptions, planning scenarios, personnel cost planning)

Payroll accounting (gross/net accounting, history function, multi-currency capability, international solutions)

Time management (shift planning, work schedules, time recording, absence determination)

Personal development (career and succession planning, profile comparisons, qualifications assessment, additional training determination, training and event management)

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Best practice of ERP is best suited for Lean organizations

Employees are motivated to work through ERP

THE world-class practice believes in the common language within an organization.
This culture is predominantly observed in lean enterprises, thus resulting in the best fit for the ERP environment.

A lean organization has detailed specifications of all the actions required to bring a product from concept to launch, from order to delivery, and from raw materials to finished product that goes into the hands of the customer and throughout it useful life. This takes care of perfect and complete data sets availability to load into ERP for accurate estimations and recommendations.

The lean organization believes in absolutely flat organization structure with empowered employees. The structure is purely based on process, and for at all on functions. Every business process or sub-process exists to provide a needed product or service for a defined customer. These products and services are produced within the process according to the defined requirements, rules, or constrains.

The process requires materials and information, which are provided by suppliers, and consumes the resources allocated to the process. Since ERP conceptually integrates the process and not the functions, this process-based culture is the primary criteria for ERP fitness. The main job of ERP in such environment is to replace all these processes into a seamless flow of information.

ERP thus provides authority of getting all the information about the organization to all the users. No constraint like confidentiality, hierarchy, or authority exists. Hence the right of information seeking is never questioned. Every employee is motivated to browse, analyze and comment on the performance of the organization through the ERP system. Thus ERP expects an employee to be much more matured and accountable with resource of the organization.

ERP calls traditional purchase person as Buyer and a buyer is expected to have four types of skills like Technical skills, Commercial skills, Negotiation skills and Integrated planning skills.

ERP assumes this type of empowered people as users and then further helps them take accurate and cost effective decisions in their daily transactions and planning. The best practice of ERP here could be to share all the information of the organization to the entire set of users without any obstacles to facilitate both productive and best mixes of planning decisions.

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ERP finance module helps see your tomorrow today

Provides financial functionality, analysis support

IN today's business enterprise, you need to know that your financial decisions are based on today's data, not numbers from records closed a month ago, or even a week ago. And you need to know that this same data represents every segment of your organization's activities, whether your enterprise stretches across a room or around the globe.

This is essential, because the most efficient way to get your enterprise to where you want it tomorrow is to know exactly where it is today.

Whatever the financial goals of your organization may be, the financial application components of eresource ERP solution work hand-in-hand to improve the bottom-line. This is true because the financial functionality is tightly integrated across all business areas and all geographic areas.

This tight integration includes all the other different modules, from materials management to human resource to logistics. Because eresource ERP system automatically links related areas, it eliminates the need to repeat procedures. You enter your data only once. Within the eresource ERP system all areas work in coordination, creating a new level of efficiency in handling your financial data.

The finance module of eresource ERP system provides financial functionality and analysis support to lot of medium and large scale enterprises in Indian and abroad. The finance module of eresource ERP system has the following sub-systems.

Financial Accounting

General Ledger

Account Receivable

Account payable

Fixed Asset A/C

Debut Note/ Credit Note/ Journal Entries

Bank Reconciliation

Statutory & Regulatory

Value added

tax analysis & reporting TDS & service tax


Enterprise Controlling

Executive Information System

Business Planning & budgeting

Profit centre accounting

In addition, eresource ERP's financial accounting provides company-wide integration that is essential to strategic decision making. The financial accounting module in eresource ERP gives you the ability to centrally track financial accounting data within a single framework, of multiple companies, multiple branches and chart of accounts.

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Understanding data migration process

Data migration is the process of moving required volume of data from existing systems to new systems. Existing systems can be anything from custom-built IT infrastructures to spreadsheets and standalone databases. Data migration encompasses all the necessary steps to cleanse, correct and move data into a new system. Technological changes, change in providers, software updates or data warehousing/data mining projects make such delicate and critical operations necessary. A good data migration should allow one to:

Reduce risk: Data being an organization's most critical business asset, it is essential that any manipulation be carried out without any disruption.

Lower operational expenses: Data migration is a one-off activity triggered by certain circumstances. The data migration tool or solution reinforces the organization's resources which can remain focused on its ongoing continuous core activities. Improve data quality: The cleansing and correction solutions ensure perfect data integrity after it has been migrated. From a user and development perspective, the migrated data results are completely optimized.

From a user perspective, the data migration solutions should make sure that a strategy is put in place to achieve maximum flexibility and quality.

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The ultimate economical ERP framework in India

T o reach creation distinction, you require to have   a   constructive and well organized enterprise resource planning (ERP) framework in yo...