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India's leading web-based ERP solution provider

Web-based eresource ERP solution, simplifies back-office process automation for mid-sized and growing business. It provides real-time information about finance, order management, purchase, inventory, employee management, e-commerce and much more. With web-based eresoure ERP solution, you can accelerate business cycles, improve productivity and reliability, and provide higher levels of service to customers, suppliers and partners.

Web-based ERP solution improve business among customers, suppliers and partners through self-service portals, providing for lead management, shipment tracking, bill payment and more. Highlights of web-based eresource ERP solution

Reduce IT costs and maintenance

As a web-based hosted solution, eresource Infotech's web-based ERP solution or eresource ERP significantly reduces your overhead expenses. There is no software to install, no hardware to purchase and maintain, and no up-gradation requiring complex re-implementation over time. Our team of IT professionals manages your maintenance, support, and up-gradation at our world-class data center. As a result, you can focus on running your business, while our web-based ERP solution takes care of your business plans with the backend software.

Use our real-time master controls (dashboards) for better decision making. Master control gives you a real-time snapshot of your business, enabling you to make better, faster decisions. You can view leads, commissions, sales revenue and forecasts, new cases and more.

Read the overview of our various web-based ERP products, select any component from the list below. We encourage you to speak with us to find the product that best fits your needs.

Benefits of web-based ERP Solution:

No Client Installation = Easy Remote Maintenance
Platform & Device Dependent = Scalability
Time and Location free = Access from Anywhere
E-Business Ready = Customers, Employees, Supplier
Easy to Use = Everybody knows browsers & Internet

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Contact Person: Sudheer Soman Nair, CEO Mob: 00 97155 9018499

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