Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bill of Materials (BoM)

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Bills of Materials (BOM) are normally accessed according to production or procurement deadlines. The History Management function allows several types of BOM to be managed simultaneously, and can be operated according to the needs of the customer.

Single Level Bills of materials and Multi Level Bills of Material can be generated in eresource ERP. For each manufactured line item on a WO, the system provides a bill of materials (BOM) and routing. In the single Level bill of materials only those subordinate components can be captured that are immediately required to manufacture the product.

The multiple BOM concept aids the management of a variety of similar BOMs (variant problem). Common components of similar BOMs are recorded in a 'Reference BOM-M' while components specific to individual BOMs are recorded in a separate 'Single Level BOM-M'. In this way, the BOM of a given material consists of a combination of data referring to common and individual components.

The advantage of this function is that changes of (data regarding) common components need only be carried out in the Reference BOM-M.

The data of BOMs is automatically shown against the work orders providing the ability to include configured items on a WO's BOM.

This gives the stores department to check if the stock of materials is available for a product manufacturing or batch manufacturing. Once the individual customer order is entered, it specifies how much components are required, the quantity including wastage and at what level of production the components will be required.

eresource ERP Bills of Materials are completely integrated into the system and support:

The procurement of materials at the optimum time (Material Requirement Planning module)
The placing of production orders (Production Planning and Control Module)
The issue of goods (Inventory Management Module)

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  1. You have provided the most informative and helpful information. I really learned a lot. single level bills of materials & mutli level bills of material. For each manufactured line item on a WO, the system provides a bill of materials (BOM) and routing. Eresource's erp bills of materials are completely integrated into the system.
    Thanks for sharing such a nice blog openerp bill of material.


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