Thursday, July 27, 2017

Electronic Manufacturing companies

A must have solution for small and mid-sized Electronic Manufacturing companies

eresource Xcel, the exclusive ERP system for manufacturing industry would be an ideal solution for Electronic Manufacturing companies. The system has been integrated with essential modules that could serve the industry better in their manufacturing process. eresource Xcel system offers to the users in the Electronic industry the modular approach that has the capability to streamline processes, reduce cost and ensure customer responsiveness across the premises. This ERP system for Electronic Manufacturing  can provide surety to all the top priorities to achieve profitability and continued growth. Guided by the desired needs of the today's users, eresource Xce ERP delivers the flexibility, choice and agility needed to support all the strategic decisions and to lean out the wasted processes.

Electronic imports in India is showing a positive growth for the last couple of years  and the trend is going to continue in the coming years.  This phenomena could  ultimately change the dynamics of India's manufacturing and international trade. The list includes all electronic items, including mobile phones which could witness a positive growth in the coming years. As per the latest market study, the change in dynamics in electronic manufacturing holds more significance as India imports 65% of its current demand for electronic products. Electronic items are now the second-most valued category of imports after petroleum products and if the situation is left unchanged, the country's electronics import bill may well surpass its oil import expenses by 2020.

Having said that, what the companies, especially the small and medium enterprises (SMEs),  that are dealing in electronic manufacturing must focus on is to have an efficient resource planning system that will care of all business process, technically and also in the administrative operations including the customer management.  eresource Xcel ERP system is designed and developed to fit with the needs and requirements of all the small to mid-sized electronics manufacturers across the market. This software is fully integrated and hence proven applicable to all the medical devices, general electronics and aerospace manufacturing companies. eresource Xcel system can effectively reduce the complexities of the traditional process management system by replacing it with the new version ERP that basically emphasizes collaboration, ease of use and responsiveness.

Benefits of eresource Xcel for Electronic Manufacturing

    It can ensure advance planning of production
    The system generates multiple bills of materials
    Product warranty tracking facility
    Excellent recall and traceability management
    Serial number and lot tracking of the stored stock
    Appropriate stock and order support facility
    Quality management
    Easy to use and configure.

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