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India's leading web-based ERP solution provider

Web-based eresource ERP solution, simplifies back-office process automation for mid-sized and growing business. It provides real-time information about finance, order management, purchase, inventory, employee management, e-commerce and much more. With web-based eresoure ERP solution, you can accelerate business cycles, improve productivity and reliability, and provide higher levels of service to customers, suppliers and partners.

Web-based ERP solution improve business among customers, suppliers and partners through self-service portals, providing for lead management, shipment tracking, bill payment and more. Highlights of web-based eresource ERP solution

Reduce IT costs and maintenance

As a web-based hosted solution, eresource Infotech's web-based ERP solution or eresource ERP significantly reduces your overhead expenses. There is no software to install, no hardware to purchase and maintain, and no up-gradation requiring complex re-implementation over time. Our team of IT professionals manages your maintenance, support, and up-gradation at our world-class data center. As a result, you can focus on running your business, while our web-based ERP solution takes care of your business plans with the backend software.

Use our real-time master controls (dashboards) for better decision making. Master control gives you a real-time snapshot of your business, enabling you to make better, faster decisions. You can view leads, commissions, sales revenue and forecasts, new cases and more.

Read the overview of our various web-based ERP products, select any component from the list below. We encourage you to speak with us to find the product that best fits your needs.

Benefits of web-based ERP Solution:

No Client Installation = Easy Remote Maintenance
Platform & Device Dependent = Scalability
Time and Location free = Access from Anywhere
E-Business Ready = Customers, Employees, Supplier
Easy to Use = Everybody knows browsers & Internet

Advantage of web-based ERP solution:

A clear advantage of the web-based ERP solution is that remote users like executives and sales reps can access the company system with any browser, which is much more convenient than going through a laptop configured for Terminal Services. A quick and on-time implementation of the solution can be done on your existing configuration set up. That means you do not need to upgrade your network for Windows/Exchange Server and SQL Server database.
As you would have come across more suggestions on ERP, selecting the right one is crucial. The term "Hosted Solution" is rapidly catching up, on account of its own benefits. A web-hosted solution ensures a lower outlay and predictive spread of cost over time. You have a substantial saving in cost (on both the software and hardware, licensing) that can be better invested in your business process.
Web-based ERP removes your headache from the Investment made towards Time and Cost in the maintenance of the server & other hardware.
Web-based ERP also removes your worry about the new functions and features (service packs and fixes).
When you go in for a web-based ERP, you can start using it from day one (avoids the worry towards implementation time, which has been cited as one major reason for ERP failure).
Optimized performance & Support
Most of the hosted applications are like off-the-shelf software. The web-based ERP application is available to you anywhere and at anytime from a simple browser.
Access through hand-held devices made easy.
Low cost web-based ERP solution

Unlike the other ERP solutions web-based ERP solution like eresource ERP can be purchased in individual modules and a section-wise implementation can be carried out. So it becomes easy for the companies to purchase and implement them without having to worry about the huge initial investment.

Being a web-based ERP solution, it is easy to carry out the maintenance, which is most of the time performed online by the vendor. It saves a lot of time and there will be no place for complaint as online help will be provided by eresource ERP help desk any time the customers needed. So it becomes more effective and best service is guaranteed to all customers. The yearly maintenance also won't cost the customers much.

Web-based ERP is both offline and accessible online. Hence in a globalized market, the CEO of an organization is given the convenience of making even his hotel room, or the living home desk his convenient office table just by hooking up his laptop to the net.

In making the choices of an ideal platform on which to run the business, organizations of all sizes are being attracted by the many advantages and economies that web-based eresource ERP has to offer. Besides being more cost effective, easier to install and maintain, eresource's web-based ERP solution offers easier access across geographical boundaries without needing additional investment for connectivity.

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    Eresource offers web-based ERP solution that simplifies back-office process automation for mid-sized and growing business.
    browser based erp solutions provides real-time information about finance, order management, purchase, inventory, employee management & e-commerce.
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