Monday, March 29, 2010

MPS module in ERP

MPS in eresource ERP: An intelligent module that helps sales forecast

A logical representation of information for decision-making

Master Production Scheduling (MPS) is defined as an anticipated build schedule for manufacturing end items or product options by quantity per planning period. ( It represents what the company plans to product, expressed in specific configurations, quantities and dates.

Sales Operations Planning (S&OP) process authorizes MPS module various products that should be translated into the MPS. Thus, MPS is a listing of the end items (products) or major subassemblies (standard modules) which are to be produced in known quantity and when they should be ready for ship meant or further value addition.

MPS is a logical representation of information for decision-making. It is what the firm or plant expects to product in the short run. Each individual MPS has a supporting BoM or Formulae defining the components needed to product the planned quantities of the end item. Thus, MPS becomes the inputs to MRP.

MPS in eresource ERP provides the intelligence to interpret the signals it gets from sales and forecast to think of alternative means of satisfying customer demands, and to make adjustments in capacity, inventories and so forth, and allow the company to serve the customer without imbalance between supply and demand.

Here are the objectives of eresource ERP MPS module:

Development data (MPS) to give detailed planning (MRP II)
Provide devices to reconcile customer's desires with plant, material and vendor capabilities.
Furnish means to make reliable delivery promises and to evaluate the effects of schedule changes.
Coordinate plans and actions of all organization functions and measure their performance.
Provide management with means to authorize and control all resources needed to support integrated plans.
Schedule production orders and purchase orders for MPS items.
MPS also have other two principal functions. These are:

To serve as bases for planning material requirements, production of components, order priorities, and short-term capacity requirements. The function relates to the 'firm' period of the MPS, which is usually equal to the sum of production lead-times from release of purchase requisition to completion of MPS level items.
To serve as bases for estimating long-term demands on company resources such as people, plant and equipment, warehousing and capital.

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