Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Skills required after ERP implementation

The post-ERP organization will need a different set of roles and skill than those with less integrated kinds of systems. At a minimum, everyone who uses these systems needs to be trained on how they work, how they relate to the business process and how a transaction tipples through the entire company whenever they press a key. The training will never end, it is an ongoing process so new people will always be coming in, and new functionality will always be entering the organization.

In every business function and department that is ERP-enabled you will need more than one staff who know the system and its relation to the departmental process. It is these people who have to guide, motivate and help their colleagues by working along with them. They will answer questions, find needed work around and let you know what is working and what isn't. These people will be the ERP team representatives in each department. It is a nice idea that these people have a dual reporting relationship; with their managers and with the ERP in-charge. It will also be useful to convene meetings of these people once in a while, so that they can share knowledge and compare notes.

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