Saturday, June 12, 2010

Live Demo of eresource ERP system

Give a boost your technical and strategic measures

FOR many major enterprises, it is very difficult to get a general overview of its organization. This can be simplified with a uniform system where everybody works according to the same routine. It is a true factor in today's business environment where more and more companies are becoming globalised companies.

At this juncture, eresource ERP system could be used as a tool to obtain information that can be important when forming the company's future strategies. An integrated ERP system like eresource gives opportunities to rationalize and develop the organization.

Information Technology to an increasing degree concerns the management, and the decision to buy an ERP system is almost always taken by the top management. The problem is that the management has little knowledge of ERP systems and has to rely on the IT department.

To overcome this shortcoming, eresource has introduced a live demonstration of our product through our website. The real picture of the eresource ERP system becomes clear when the live demo of the product is given. A live demo of our product is webcasted on every Saturday evening and anyone from the management side or IT personnel can participate in our demonstration by registering their names and details through our website

Live Demos are a better tool to understand the various integration/touch points and the participants could experience the different functionalities as well as they can also check for any shortcomings in the system which can be rectified as per their requirement.

The workflow becomes clear during the demo, and people can have a feel of the proposed product at the demo itself. This will determine the acceptability of the product in the minds of the customer. The quality of the product also becomes clear at this stage.

What the top management and all the other people connected to an organization must realize that is whatever be the reason for the changeover to an ERP system, i.e. technical or strategic, it is impossible to separate them, since they affect each other. Implementation will also positively affect the following three strategies:

Business Development: Development of business strategies

Operational Development: Development of the company's business processes and their relationship with the concerned functions within the organization.

System Development: Development and administration of necessary IT services, where the ERP system is an important part.

Register today and enjoy our webcasting to know more about eresource ERP system and how you can utilize this system to manage your business strategies in an effective manner.

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