Friday, July 2, 2010

ERP drives enterprises forward

ERP gives businesses a vehicle to manage information

BUSINESS in this century is complex, fluid and customer-centric. It requires stringent, yet flexible processes and communications systems that extend globally and respond instantaneously. The processes and systems must be integrated. No part of the enterprise can escape the pressure to deliver measurable results.

However, the traditional ERP systems failed to complete the task they ultimately set out to accomplish: to unify the enterprise and turn it into one smoothly running machine.

eresource's web-based ERP system promises to bridge this gap. Our ERP system links departmental communications, work processes, customer data and supplier capabilities into a centrally functioning system - all focused on driving the enterprise forward. Enterprises have already started to benefit from extending their ERP installations to more of their organizations. eresource's web-based ERP was a giant step forward when first introduced. The market then saw new buzz terms such as lean manufacturing, arise that did not bring new functionality, but promised greater efficiencies, when , in fact all it did was deliver what ERP as supposed to do in the manufacturing space.

eresource ERP gave businesses a vehicle to manage information and use it to their advantage. It organized customer data in ways that helped individual departments operate more efficiently, and it created streamlined processes that helped manufacturing operations cut costs and move products along more quickly.

eresource ERP in contrast, does offer advancements in functionality. It delivers on the original concept of ERP being for the entire enterprise, so that the whole organization can operate more efficiently. No longer does corporate information sit isolated in departmental silos, but is houses with all corporate customers, etc.

This information enabling creates a new level of cohesion and eliminates most of the departmental and organizational information barriers facilitating smooth and seamless flow of information. The integration of ERP, the enabling technologies like CRM, SCM, the analysis and business intelligence tools with Internet enable the organization to do business in the Internet way at astonishing speeds and high efficiencies.

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