Friday, January 28, 2011

How can ERP system help Logistic Chain

The implementation of ERP in logistics strengthens the cooperation between providers, companies and clients involved in the logistic process. The communication improves the coordination of the agents entailed.

The main advantage of the ERP is the possibility of focusing exclusively on the individual Business, as this will result in the reduction of costs, optimization of the services and the increase in profits.

All the logistic chains have indicators such as break of stock, date of delivery, and changes in the production line. ERP system will help to improve all those indicators. In general, all the logistic processes experience an improvement due to the increase in their flexibility.

The specific requirements of the commercial and logistics area are represented by ERP for all the shapes of Business: retail and wholesale stores, import and export stores, distribution and service, shipping and transport. The staggered and universal character of the system has the significant advantage that allows the wholesalers and retailers to find the right solution to their problems.

Also, the importation and exportation commerce has special answers for their needs. The extension of different services offered to reinforce the orientation requirements of the clients are taken into account

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