Thursday, July 21, 2011

ERP Implementation is all about attitude.

ERP Implementation is all about attitude, I tell you why?

10 on 10 successful and on-time implementation of ERP are because of positive approach and mindset of the users who are implementing the project. Let us all understand ERP implementation is not a Rocket Science and neither a BIG Challenge. ERP implementation is like any other task that you perform in your day-to-day doings. Generally, people have a mind-block even before the implementation process is initiated that ERP implementation is a HUGEEE challenge and frantic task.

Also, I have found that there are discomfort or sometimes fear in the mind of the Users, like, after ERP is implemented they may either lose their job or may become less indispensible. In my opinion discomfort or fear is the thought of the moment and that specific moment the users get those pessimistic possessions in the mind and delays the implementation. Given this situation, in my opinion, the Management and ERP Vendors should guide the USERS and help them know the benefits that they would enjoy after it is implemented. ERP implementation would help you gain operational excellence. Visibility of all strategic information will be available at one central market place therefore you can take your decision faster and many more.. I can go on.. and on.. and on….

Yes, I do agree during implementation there are initial work load, as in, updating the backlog, opening balances of your stocks, opening balances with bill wise break up of your debtors, creditors etc., Even to the extend these tasks can be directly migrated to the ERP system from your existing legacy system. Besides this workload, there is absolutely NO OTHER CHALLENGE.

Implementation of Timbor happened in 34 days, all ERP users stayed back late everyday for 34 days (till go-live). Management motivated all staff, took utmost care of their needs, from break-fast to dinner and incentives were provided.

Looking at the attitude and the energy of TIMBOR erp team, it reminds of the sher that Arun (my friend) had told me one day.. thought I should record it here.. It goes something like this

“khud ko kar buland itnaa..
ke himaalay ki choti pe jaa pahunche..
aur khuda tumse puche…
bol musafir, teri merzi kya hai?

Also, the management must motivate their employees. It is usual that things won’t change without some uneasiness, this is why companies should spend the time and money, training and testing their new systems with their employees, to encourage them to believe that the system will be working for them, to help streamline their processes and re-engineering outdated procedures, so overall the company will remain competitive and prosperous organization

If the mind-block is clear now then, I promise 10 on 10 Implementation can happen on-time, on-target and at the location parameter.

I am thrashing a fact about ERP VENDOR: ERP implementation is a hand-holding task. From the initiation, till the training, implementation and GO-LIVE, the vendors must hand-hold to make sure that the ERP Users are contented and there are no roadblocks.

Only negative attitude can bring an implementation down. ERP Implementation is all about attitude

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  1. Nice post !!!
    I am appreciating your effort. The process of erp implementation is referred as "ERP implementation Life Cycle". ERP implementation life cycle focus on the ERP project which is carried out to make ERP up and running.


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