Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to succeed in ERP implementation

An ERP implementation can be categorized in two ways. One is implementing it for the first time and the other one is updating the existing system. The first one takes more time as proper research and preparation to be done. Also the employees who will be working in the new system to be trained in appropriate manner so that the system can be handled correctly.

The second method of upgrading the existing system usually takes less time than the first time implementation. Despite this, both phases take place at different times and require different levels of difficulty. Having to face the second stage is not a sign of failure, but a chance of improving the functionality of the system. What we must realize is that organizations need to incorporate ERP more and more on every day basis. As the market is changing every day there is also growing competition among organizations. Everyone is competing to match with requirement of global market.

However, we have all heard about organizations that have tried to implement ERP and failed. The question is why does it happen and how can it be that some enterprises get huge benefits while others loose time and money?

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