Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lively ERP system must for business success

Be wise in your thinking and also in your actions

In the earlier days client-server method was the standard way of functioning in the computing world. Therefore it was natural that ERP applications running on desktop PCs stored their transactions on database servers running in the background.

This kind of an ERP system had many drawbacks and the primary issue with this type of an ERP system was the cost factor involved in it. Not only the cost factor but also the lack of customisation facility and absence of integration made this application not an ideal solution for a growing industrial set up. With this application, when you wanted to have an extra functionality, you either waited for the software vendor to decide it was a profitable feature, or you hired a specialist developer to embark on a long and costly process to build it for you. Connecting to other systems - like remote branches - was a distance dream and if it all it was executed it would make a big hole in your pocket. .

With the advent of Web technologies the method used in computing world in general and the ERP space in general witnessed a drastic and rapid change. With the browser-based ERP applications like resource ERP systems are cost-effective, readily customisable, easily integrated, and provide companies with the opportunity to offload their IT overhead to third-party providers.

Though lot of companies implemented web-based ERP system to run their business, there are many others companies that haven't taken advantage of these benefits - opting rather to continue hoarding IT hardware and software assets that threaten to become obsolete soon after they're installed. The reason for this trend is mostly tradition. Companies feel the need to retain their data on their premises "because that's the way it's always been done". In reality, it was done that way in the past because the technology didn't exist to do it better. Now it does - giving companies the chance to continually cut costs and improve performance.

There are questions raised that why the companies must upgrade their existing legacy system to a more advanced and user-friendly web-based ERP system?. The reason for their concern is the system they are working currently is giving them a comfortable working method though actually the system functions are mostly outdated. What these organizations are scared is changing to a modern technology will affect their working method which they are comfortably accommodated into. Coming out of that comfortably may be the prime reason why they are shying away from implementing a modern system. The most disappointing factor is their attitude won't do any good for the organization in the long run.

When an advanced web-based eresource ERP system is implemented, you could log in to the application through your browser from anywhere with an Internet connect and start working like from your office room.

With this application you could communicate with all the users in your network which puts you available to anyone who like to have your assistance anytime from anywhere. Being online from anywhere anytime can also solve all your problems in one go and can carry out all operations without any delay.

Be wise in your thinking and also in your actions. Place you before your competitors. There is no way other than going with the latest. Be smart in your business and implement eresource ERP today.

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