Wednesday, February 1, 2012

ERP Training, Career and Course in Mumbai

Allay the fear of losing jobs; get trained in ERP

ERP training is very important not only to improve the business process, but also it helps eliminating any fear that the employees may have due to the changing work environment. What everyone must realize is that change is happening faster that most people care to think about. While everyone accepts that change is a must most people do not want change to happen. An appropriate guidance and training must be provided to the staff to overcome any mental fear that has been cropped up due to the changes has taken place with the ERP implementation in their work place also in their work nature.

The biggest fear shared by people in companies going in for ERP implementation is the loss of their jobs. As soon as the decision about the ERP implementation is announced rumours about the new system automating all the tasks and making people redundant will start floating around. When a company talks about ERP and automation, the immediate reaction is that computers will replace people.

But what most people fail to hear is that the people who are doing manual jobs before computerization were able to get better jobs with higher salaries once they got trained in ERP system. So if a employee is trained with ERP system and willing to learn the new system and new way of doing business, then he or she does not have anything to fear. They will also have very good chance of getting better jobs with higher salaries.

Another fear that must be addressed is people's fear of failure - the fear of not understanding or being able to work within an automated environment. Many companies make the serious mistake of not insisting on a very thorough ERP training program that will insure the employees have the knowledge and a confidence level of adapting and using the new ERP system to the maximum benefit of the company.

Some employers view ERP training as an expensive exercise and by not sending the employees to the training session save some money. Beware of that claim and the firms are bound to face huge loss due to improper usage of an ERP system and on the contrary depriving ERP training to the staff could bring big loss to the firm in the long run.

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