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ERP Vendors in India

ERP market is growing with more and more ERP Vendors and the competition increasing day by day. In this scenario, selecting a suitable ERP System for your organization needs proper planning and method. An ERP should have features and functionality to cater to the needs of businesses in almost all sectors.

As you may be aware that an ERP Vendors like eresource spend crores of rupees in research and come up with innovations that make the packages more efficient, flexible and easy to implement and use. Also, with the evolution of new technologies the ERP Vendors have to constantly upgrade their products to use the best and latest advancements in technology.

Now everyone knows how important it is to have an ERP System to run businesses in efficient way in today's competitive economic market. As there are number of big and small ERP Vendors in the Indian ERP market, selection of a proper system that suits your business needs are very important. To place the matter straight forward, what the Decision makers must understand is having an ERP System just can't help your Business process . It is very important to implement an ERP System with good ERP vendor support.

A rightfully conducted ERP workshop could provide you the guidelines of what your requirements and expectations should be, including hands-on experience with the most successful ERP Solution s and details of ERP Vendors available in India today.ERP workshop conducted by ERP Vendors can also empower CEOs, COOs, CFOs, accountants, controllers, business owners and key decision-makers with ERP Technology concepts.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management , the backbone of any business has been integrated as an important module in the ERP System . Sales and marketing teams from companies can benefit from attending the workshop that will help them gain knowledge in marketing plans. The knowledge gained through from workshop can put into practice by the sales or marketing team with the approach to the customers that could help improve your revenue and market share growth and minimize expenses - all of which leads to higher profitability.

The workshop will also debate on all areas of an ERP System , its advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to benefits of ERP there are many arenas which are unknown to many. ERP expects boundary-less flat organization structure where every employee is a decision maker and not a mere follower. Secondly, the decision-making must be scientific than based on 'gut feel'. Thirdly, ERP assumes that the user has an in-depth knowledge of the process he is associated with. He has to work in a team as a key resource element. The objective of the user is to pass maximum value to the customer than to create his own convenience. The user must be analytical in his thinking and be able to use information generated through data iterations for more effective and informed decisions.

ERP System will work successfully if the users are training to handle the system to the optimum usage. Proper training makes the users fully equipped with handling of the system independently and this will contribute the success of all the business operations .

The ERP Vendors must explain to the user why he should enter there, what are the repercussions of his entries in other modules, how to use the best out of multiple settings, why a particular setting is made like that, etc. In fact, the reality that every entry is the financial entry and ultimately gets posted into General Ledger and posted in turn into Profit & Loss Account or Balance Sheet is never realized by the user during training or even after implementation. This feel of responsibility is extremely essential for the user to become a mature ERP User .

To enhance the interest of users Indian companies must make a point of user training, focusing on ERP functionalities and not merely on tools for ERP. Ideally, the training session should be designed to cater to individual needs and hence carefully planned. ERP workshop will have a separate session to discuss and elaborate the training method of ERP extensively.

Looking at the way it is getting organized, the Workshop on ERP at Wagle Estate in Thane, will be very informative and useful event for the people who are connected with IT world. We are also eagerly looking forward to that event.

It is important to remember that the vendor, as long as they provide working software and capable personnel, really as very little responsibility for your overall success. Responsibility for success of failure lies within the four walls of your business, and if you import failure in the form of a third-party, it's still your responsibility.

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  1. As there are number of big and small ERP vendors in the Indian ERP market, selection of a proper system that suits your business needs are very important.Eresource conducts various regular workshop on ERP at thane to enhance the ineterest of users & selecting right ERP vendor for their company.


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