Tuesday, August 6, 2013

eresource launches growth-oriented ERP Lite 2.1 for SME's at affordable Price

SMEs (Small & Medium sized Enterprises) of today are the backbone of any Industrial sector. (http://www.eresourceerp.com/SME-ERP/eresource-launches-growth-oriented-ERP-Lite-2.1-for-SME-at-affordable-Price.html )Be it Manufacturing or Pharmaceutical or Infrastructure or any other industries, the SMEs are sufficed enough to make their mark in the economy, They are strongly advocating their existence and many of them  are emerging as serious players in the Global Value Chain.

To thrive in this dawn of the new era, one has to make an ally with the world of Information Technology (IT). This bridge is gapped with the implementation of the right ERP solution to serve the company and suffice the company’s unique business needs. Eresource ERP Lite 2.1 offers a comprehensive solution which coagulates all your modules thus turning your data system strong enough to withstand toda’s competition and build an efficient future.

eresource Infotech has recently launched its ERP Lite 2.1 system aiming at growth-oriented Indian SME segment. This unique version of ERP system with its affordable cost structure is going to be one of the  lifetime opportunity for all the SMEs irrespective of the nature of their industry and help them gain operational excellence. For the first time ever, eresource ERP launches the most affordable ERP solution exclusively for the SMEs named as ERP Lite 2.1. This Lite version is budget friendly, web-based, has the same look and feel as of the Pro and Enterprise editions of eresurce ERP. It is also cost effective and promises to render high end returns on your investment.

And the good news, the company that would approach us for implementation by the August 31, 2013 will be awarded with a flat 20% discount on the product price + Implementation Absolutely FREE. You will be free to choose the number of users and the branches of your firm. eresource welcomes you all to avail this best ever offer.

The Lite version 2.1 is packed with some of the pivotal modules viz;

    Sales & Customer Relation Management.
    Inventory Management.
    Purchase & Supplier Relation Management.
    Accounts and Finance Resource Management. 

Benefits of implementing ERP Lite 2.1:

    User Friendly.
    Enhances organizational transparency by providing you with a bird's eye view of the happenings at your workplace, leading to a justified responsibility.
    Fast but accurate data on demand for timely decisions.
    Helps in strategic planning.
    Promises flexibility of forms to fully satisfy the cusomers' need.
    Minimal investment on IT. 

            The competition among the SMEs is not just restricted to the domestic but instead they also have to fight with the giants of the respective domains so as to make their mark on this ever challenging and constantly blooming economies. By implementing the right ERP solutions, companies can be able to enjoy the benefits of instant visibility of the happenings within the industry, optimized inventory, planned and calculated purchases, improved productivity, reduced defects, scraps and paper-work, etc.

With the implementation of eresurce's ERP Lite 2.1, all your work-flow is ought to get streamlined and consequently you will be adequate enough to render a world class quality of SCM, CRM to your customers and suppliers and will be crowned with an “operational excellence”.

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