Thursday, October 3, 2013


An original ERP system for OEM Industry

In today's fast moving global environment we understand the challenges encountered by Original Equipment Manufacturers.. Challenges are the only thing that is constant. As one problem is solved, another will emerge. The most critical challenges are planning and monitoring inventory all through the supply chain. Furthermore, managing the product quality too is one of the most essential concern for OEM manufacturers.

Breakdowns in the supply chain result in higher out-of-stocks, and in turn lost sales and profits. That's why we in eresource believe it's imperative to optimize the supply chain before focusing on external challenge. The OEM suppliers are required to offer more value-added processes such as full design control, testing and validation, and provide a global supply, support systems. Processes such as production part approval process (PPAP), failure mode effect analysis (FMEA) and advanced product quality planning (APQP) are all required when conducting business as an OEM supplier. Using technology to adequately manage any value-added service could help meet customer demand without stopping or slowing the production process. Eresource ERP provides built-in structures that unite and simplify processes that is essential step towards becoming established as an industry leader. Eresource understands the challenges of the OEM industry and is able to deliver out-of-the-box systems that will help create a competitive edge for delivering products to the consumer.

With a total-visibility in ereosurce ERP, everyone in an organisation is able to access the data and operating information. Eresource ERP provides critical information such as Material planning, Job work / sub contracting Management, real-time sales forecasts, graphical order boards, Total Quality Management, procurement and replenishment. Eresource ERP also help track shop floor activities, production information and shipment performance through real-time dashboards. The technology provides the pulse of the organisation with event-driven exceptions and early warning detection for problems. Users are alerted to any issue and can take quick corrective actions before things spin out of control. Eresource is a comprehensive OEM supplier-specific ERP. With eresource, OEM's can not only able to cut costs and track production, but can also help efficiently deliver product to the global marketplace.

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  3. Nice Blog !!!
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    Eresource provides orignial erp solution for OEM industry in planning & monitoring inventory through supply chain.
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