Monday, January 20, 2014

ERP Software Providers

All over the world, the one factor which is accorded top priority for any Industry or Enterprise is Growth and Development. This is true for industries which are involved in all possible domains, such as Pharma, Construction, Finance, Manufacturing, etc. Now, with the inevitable lust for growth also comes the quest for the best possible means to achieve this task, and that is where the possibility of an involvement of ERP software providers, comes into the picture.

All industries as mentioned above, have different departments, and each and every department has a different function, or in layman terms, a task to be done. For any enterprise to function in a very smooth and co-ordinated manner, there has to be a universality, or in other words, a common platform where all these departments can meet. An ERP achieves this function. It prepares the groundwork so that all the departments are inter-related with each other, and thus any individual who accesses one department, can access any other department as well.

Now, the ERP which achieves this task is not in-built in the organization. It has to be implemented by an ERP Software Provider, which is essentially a third-party, external source. The ERP Software providers are many, and each one has its own plus and minus points. It is the job of the enterprise in question, which wants to implement the ERP, to sift through these various Software providers and zero in on the right one. There are many ERP software providers which provide an ERP at the client site itself. These ERP's are essentially windows-based and have to be installed at the client site. There are other ERP Software providers too, which do not implement the ERP at the client site, but can be accessed through the internet, and they are thus web-based ERP solutions. These ERP Software providers do so via means of a server which is placed at the client site, and has an internet connectivity to the ERP which is implemented via the server. The ERP developed can be controlled over the server by the developer as well. This aids in trouble-shooting in case any problem arises.

One of the leading ERP Software providers in India as well as the Middle-East, and Asia, is the Mumbai-based EResource ERP, which is one of the front-runners in web-based ERP solutions.

Thus, as we can see, ERP Software providers are many, but it is only a few which can give any enterprise the best possible implementation and value for money invested in the ERP application.

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  4. In India, there are various software providers who provides ERP software solution for various business industries. Wings Infonet, Calpine Solutions, Zeta softwares are few good ERP software providers in India.

  5. Now a days, every school and college needs ERP software to manage smoothly their day-to-day activities. Thus, a flexible and affordable web based ERP software is better than the traditional one. You can access the information with web based ERP any time from any part of the world.


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