Monday, August 11, 2014

eresource, business intelligence tool that enables better forecasting

Business today can succeed only if it has a powerful forecasting solution and ERP is undoubtedly the best solution for a better forecasting. It will be better if organizations realize without accurate forecasting, businesses can't always deliver on the promise.. An effective ERP system that enables Integration between front-end sales and back-office systems in organization can now forecast the seasonal and cyclical spikes and dips.

Eresource ERP enables reduction and elimination of bottlenecks and shortages in business processes. As the customers always expect a fast order-fulfillment, a cloud-powered ERP system such as eresource with integrated capabilities and business intelligence tools, is just what the need of the hour..

Our ERP system generates a statistical forecast for each item-location combination as per the norms set by the e user. The user can then make adjustments to the system generated item-location forecasts and aggregate them nationally, regionally or by other criteria such as product, class or market zone. There are also options that allow further adjustments which aggregates and be prorated back down to the item-location level to drive production and deployment decisions.

An effective forecasting method will help the organization in many ways to organize its business process. Apart from the forecasting method, the ERP system will enable to generate quick orders and distribute it to the other people who have involved in a matter of seconds. This will not only save the time but also can avoid unwanted paperwork. As all the staff involved in the process will working on the same information there will be less chance of mistakes happening in between the work process.

Once implemented, eresource ERP starts its functioning and starts with deal with the people in charge of handling stocks. This is because these people are the first ones to know when a product is not going to be available, and when there is going to be plenty of another one. This will help the ERP system to guide vendors to reduce unnecessary stocks by offering the product that might be exceeding reasonable inventory.

Our ERP system, which has an easy to operate interface allows easy process of invoicing and delivery that can be managed with the click of mouse button. When an order is entered all the information is available for vendors to deal with clients at the same time that they are dealing with stocks, prices and possibilities of discount. This information arrives correctly and in a complete way to the rest of the employees speeding up posterior work.

eresource ERP system can bring a kind of magic that simplifies daily tasks to your organization. It keeps your employees updated about what they need to know to increase their efficiency levels. Over and above this system also gives you the chance to control anybody at anytime.

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