Monday, August 11, 2014

Modern ERP systems can provide greater working freedom

As the ERP market got matured in India, there were speculation that a few large ERP software companies would dominate the industry. However, with the advent of more affordable ERP solutions such as eresource, manufacturing companies in SME sector in India has started benefitting greatly. The high demand for ERP application from the small and middle-market manufactures is a big morale boosting for ERP system providers, which has given encouragement to innovate new additions to the system that would greatly help the SMEs in the coming days.

Easy way of operational methodologies and an user-friendly interface with more advanced features are the highlight of eresource ERP systems that give the SMEs an upper hand in their business process. eresource ERP has been developed to meet the requirements of various types of manufacturers.

In a short span of 8 years, eresource has grown in to a position where its competitors are the lead players in the market. During this period eresource has identified and evaluated ERP software specifically for manufacturing industries such as process manufacturing industry, chemicals, castings, electronics, equipment, food, molded products, primary metals and printed products. Eresource also developed ERP solution for numerous other industrial verticals and implemented successfully.

For the last two decades, ERP packages have experienced extensive development in features and functions. With this revolution, eresource ERP package now comprises of dozens of modules. Also with the introduction of cloud-based ERP solution buyers have more flexibility in selecting specific features and modules.

Customization of ERP system

The early version of ERP system was highly rigid and required programmer-level skills and source-code access in order to make even minor changes, such as alterations to screen layouts. Unfortunately, there are some companies still relying in this types first-generation ERP solutions. Come to think of, customizing these software packages is an expensive venture. We therefore advise our customers to look for more flexible and reliable ERP solution rather than spending in the customization of the out-dated system which is going to be a waste of resources.

Modern ERP systems like eresource provide greater independence through customization and personalization tools. In addition to this customization tool , eresource ERP systems come with workflow-management tools, which also allow a company to adapt the software to its own, unique business processes. Workflow tools, for example, can interrupt a software process; suspend a transaction and send a notification; suspend a transaction for managerial approval; or route a partially completed transaction to another employee. These tools help coordinate the activities of several employees, working in different areas of a company.

Data conversion

Like it has been mentioned earlier, upgrading an aging ERP system is a costly affair and often, the cost to convert historical transaction data outweighs the benefits. eresource ERP offer data-import routines, templates and tools that simplify the process and reduce the data-conversion costs. The system allows extraction of data from the old system, which can copied into the new system quickly and with integrity checks.

Although it is encouraging situation that the ERP software has reached market maturity, ERP implementation has been considered as a biggest software investment project. It is where the role of eresource is getting more irrelevant. Because it is a one of the best ERP system available in the Indian market for an affordable cost. Call us to know for more details.

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