Wednesday, September 17, 2014

eresource, an extremely useful ERP of wide scope

ERP installation and implementation are two different things. It is very important that users must be able to differentiate these two concepts. As installation is the mechanics of changing from one software package to another, implementation is the method a company uses to achieve their goals by transforming the way they carry out operations.

Implementation process ensures that the software is not only installed, but also meets operational and strategic goals. A successful installation must guarantee that the ERP system will achieve company goals over a sustained period of time.

The installation process begins with making the computing environment that will host the ERP system. In the case of a hosted ERP system, the system providers will handle the details of making the system available to the customer based on the terms of the contract. The customers will have the option to choose the ERP system themselves, where they will be responsible making a friendly environment for running the system with premises for server set up and other things.

As far as the implementation part is concerned organizational change is a very important factor as there is going to be some changes in the process. It is a false idea to think that the successful implementation only depends on the services that the ERP solution provider can offer you. Furthermore it is certain that if the organization does not commit with it from the beginning, failure will likely result. This is why the figure of the internal responsible is a matter of vital importance.

For some companies ERP may be a new concept and it is little difficult to convince the users about the benefit of a new system. It is normal for anyone to understand the situation that the people who are used to work on an earlier system for years will not accept the changes that easily. This can overcome by proper training of the ERP system. This training is a core subject of our implementation process. That is because a regular training session will help the users of the new ERP system understand the benefit of it. It can bring a lot of benefit to the users as well as the organization. Working methods will become much easier for the users. This will make the users getting more time to concentrate on their job instead of breaking their heads to carry out their usual routine work.

eresource ERP system is extraordinarily wide in scope and can be extremely useful for many organizations. Though there may be some changes required in the work practice it can be effectively done with the proper training of the users. Our effective training sessions can make your users very comfortable with the system and our easy to use interface can be added advantage for them to use the system in a proper and professional manner.

The key to eresource ERP is integration. Its main goal is to integrate data and processes from all areas of the organization and unify it, to provide ease of access and an efficient work flow.

There is also another factor why you must work with eresource ERP. It is fundamental to work with the best software suppliers, because in this way you can be sure that your investments are not going to be wasted.

In the earlier times implementation of an ERP system was a complex issue and there was a fear among the investors whether it will do any good for their business. The reason for this fear was the total time taken to implement the system successfully as many of the system took long time to get an ERP system implemented and set the whole process into action. However, ally the fear of our customers, we have introduced a Guaranteed On-time implementation process, which makes the system 'go live' without a single day's delay. Our commitment to our customers are never compromised. That may be the backbone of our achievement. And we invite you to be part of our success story.

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