Wednesday, June 22, 2016

ERP for Construction Industry

ERP for Construction Industry

Eresource infotech Pvt. Ltd. offers eresource nfra, an industry-specific ERP for Construction industry to help manage your construction business by focusing on what matters most to you. Industry professionals, customer feedback, and years of experience have shaped the eresource nfra ERP for Construction. We offer a complete line of construction software to address your specific estimating and business management needs. Our end-to-end solution is suitable for any size business, from small scale to mid-size and large scale industries.

This is an ideal software for construction companies wanting a solution that can handle the complexities of the entire construction business project lifecycle and meet the business requirements of every role within the organization - from takeoff and estimating through job cost accounting and project management, and ultimately for critical reporting and analysis.

Eresource nfra ERP for Construction offers construction companies that is in need of unique business requirements. Nfra ERP for Construction also functions as an estimating software that helps construction companies save significant time and costs by automating takeoff and estimating, which allows increased speed and accuracy.

This ERP system for Construction industry fits your needs by helping you know true job costs and have solid financial accounting, which is critical to managing your operations profitably. Eresource nfra ERP also offers a complete Software solution, that could take your business to new heights. . This exclusive ERP for Construction software meet the complex business needs of construction companies, streamline processes for optimal productivity, and help to maximize profits for every project. Plus, with broad and deep visibility into every project, you can hone business strategy and improve control of cash flow.

Eresource Nfra ERP brings number of advantages to your business. With the system in place you could accomplish more in less time and you can preview a day’s profit potential at a glance. It will also help you to identify and prevent possible financial loses and help to stay on budget and on schedule. Companies can achieve improvement in financial stability and other long-term benefits. Apart from these benefits, being a web-based ERP solution the system also help you to identify spot discrepancies and errors which can be rectified on real-time basis.

By identifying what's important to you, eresource delivers solutions to help your construction company streamline processes for optimal productivity and to maximize profits for every project. From digital takeoff to final cash payment, eresource nfra ERP for Construction is the best solution to help run your business with improved efficiency and accuracy whether at the office, warehouse, field, or at site. Our software can help your business achieve operational efficiencies, cost reductions, and increased profits.

Eresource Nfra ERP solution addresses key business requirements in areas such as Estimating and Proposal Management, Project Management, Workforce Management, Financial Management, Equipment Management, and Materials Management. For more details and a live demo, please contact our sales team today. You may write to us or call us.

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