Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Project Planning Software

Project Planning Software

As technology is on the move with constant changes happening every day, there are newer and more efficient ways of doing things than there were 10 years ago. If your company has not updated your processes for a decade or more, it's probably time to modernize your equipment.

Consider Project Planning software for Construction and infrastructure industry, for instance. By upgrading from Excel, or even pen and paper, these companies can greatly improve the speed in which they create proposals and bids for new clients.

Time is money, and if you're wasting it using outdated software, your construction business isn't going to be as successful as it has the potential to be. Eresource nfra ERP is one of the best-in-class project management software which has been intelligently integrated with modules that are essentially required for running of a construction company successfully.

Being an indigenous Project Planning Software, eresource nfra ERP offers an unmatched comprehensive solution for mid-sized and large construction companies. This Project Planning Software has been intelligently designed for usage of every department and users of a Construction or Project-based companies. Easy to use interface has been one of the highlight of this solution.

The Dashboard is easily accessible on the homepage that provides an overview of the current status of the project. Dashboard also enables the Executives in the Sales and Marketing division to oversee all the projects that fall within their market sector.

Eresource nfra ERP is one of the easiest project planning software to use. Like we said earlier, the interface isn't cluttered with unnecessary data, and it is easy to navigate through and find each part of the bid you need for the final estimate proposal. You can also import data from other standard worksheet software programs.

The system helps you to create the central cost list, synchronizing with a national database and includes the most up-to-date labor and material costs for your service area. You can modify individual items and save. While you can create a specific vendor and supplier database, and have tools for change order processing, Clear Estimate doesn't provide many other job and cost tracking tools.

The system has been integrated with the best CRM, contract management and project planning modules. As you know that one of the most important jobs in the construction industry is customer service, and it's typically provided by the contractor creating the bids and trying to get the job.

If you want to maintain a level of customer service you can be proud of, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. The wrong way involves ignoring the questions your clients have. Unfortunately, this is more common than you might think. Customers who experience this often feel like they have been rejected and that the individual running the business isn't a professional. Therefore, it is very important for the company to impress their customers with accurate and timely technology assistance.

Eresource nfra ERP solution has been integrated with a Customer Relationship Management module that could take care of customer satisfaction. The system has everything that could take your business to much higher levels. A live demo of this system can be availed through a request to your sales team. You can write to us or call us today to arrange a live demo. Please visit our website 

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