Friday, August 31, 2018

ERP Software For Construction Industry

Fully integrated construction ERP software eresource Nfra brings profitable growth

eresource Nfra is an intelligently integrated ERP system for Construction and Infrastructure that enables builders and contractors get a profitable outcome in a construction project. The system has been integrated with every module from sub-contractors to materials, outsourcing jobs and from plant management to mobile assets and labour.

Construction industry being very complex, it is bound to face many challenges from its working areas. Construction companies always face these challenges right from the Project planning to the execution. Project costing, working together with suppliers, contractors calls for a high degree of visibility on cash flow, pricing and regulatory compliance all these activities are to be managed efficiently for a profitable and successful growth of a construction company.

Efficiency booster ERP system

With eresource Nfra ERP for Construction you can boost efficiency and visibility across your construction project. Today eresource Nfra has been successfully implemented in hundreds of construction companies in India and abroad and all these companies are operating all their business functions effectively. They have also successfully able to achieve ROI (Return on Investment) on this marvelous technological advancement. With the deployment of ereosurce Nfra for your construction business procedures all your functional process becomes easy and transparent. Land analysis and handling complex approvals and sanctions becomes an easy exercise. The system provides the provisions to help you identify your potential customers in advance and helps you update them as per their preferences.

Complete and clear visibility

eresource Nfra for construction and infrastructure industry is an end-to-end solution for every construction related work with a clear visibility of all activities both on site and off site Complete visibility is required because the Construction Industry is known for cycles of growth and decline and cost over-run is an traditionally the inherent risk in the construction industry is based on cycles of growth and decline and cost over-run. However, these are managed effectively by intelligently scheduling various activities and sub-activities in eresource Nfra ERP System.

Automated Process
Our ERP system eliminates all your paper and manual process inefficiencies and enables all your business data getting processed electronically. Being a cloud-based and web browser-based ERP system, eresource Nfra helps you work from anywhere at any time. All the users and decisions makers are given right to work and check permitted information on real-time basis, work process and decision making becomes easy. This time saving advantage helps quick implementation of decision taken which ultimately helps the growth your business.

All the important modules that are essentially required to manage your Projects, Accounting, Sales and Marketing, Tenders and Site Management all integrated systematically and in a user-friendly manner integrated in eresource Nfra. The modules also help you generate accurate and timely invoices based on work completed and get accurate results on project costs. Our system has comprehensive multi-site Project Management capabilities and it provides details of the daily progress of each sites, full accounting details including the petty cash, details of material management, a clear vision of warehouse management, movement of heavy machines, managing receivables and payables, etc.

A multi-faceted ERP system

Over the years, resource has been proven itself as the pioneers in the Web-based ERP application. This exclusive product eresource Nfra is a multi-faceted ERP system which could serve Oil and Gas industry apart from all other project-based industries. Primary focus of eresource Nfra system is on multi-firm organizational structures, field service, repair and preventive maintenance operations, diverse project management requirements. The system has been developed to handle contract types including EPC, general construction and maintenance.

eresource is on the path of controlled growth in construction and infrastructure, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing and Chemical industry. Also eresoure is having the world class Manufacturing ERP Software beginning from India we have now extended our services in UAE and other Gulf countries. After establishing a successfully we on the path of establishing a deep presence in the African region. We are already serving a number of organizations in Nigeria and Nairobi and we have our channel partners in the region. With eresource in the Africa, the region’s Construction and Manufacturing companies are getting ready for a big change in their way of doing their business.

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