Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Understanding the benefits of ERP for manufacturing

Don’t be a mute spectator while your competition invests in ERP and starts reaping the benefit

It has been widely known that an ERP system contributes invaluable benefits to manufacturing industry. It was a common practice to use a standard ERP system with customization to suit the operations of manufacturing process.

 However, these types of ERP systems have failed to cope up with many of operational process effectively. Identifying these shortcomings, eresource has realized that there should be an ERP system that can benefit the manufacturing sector in every possible way without any operational clutches. Eresource Xcel, the exclusive Manufacturing ERP Software is result of that thinking.

 Apart from taking care of every latest operational process in a manufacturing organization, the benefits of eresource Xcel includes the reduced costs of operations, growth management, streamlining of all manufacturing processes and gain operational excellence as well as gain competitive advantage. This web-based ERP system which can be implemented within short period of time through the Cloud version or on the premises version has been fully integrated with all areas of manufacturing business that includes materials and inventory, production, operations and sales, accounting and finance, etc. 

 Benefits of eresource Xcel ERP for manufacturing 

 Cost Reductions

 As this integrated system works from a centrally located database server which can accessed from different locations, branches and departments, the information data has been passed quickly and accurately to all quarters for a immediate and flawless decision making. This will help the organizations to reduce the administrative operation costs also other department to manage its operations proactively. This accurate transportation of information data also helps prevents any disruptions and delays in works.

 Increased efficiency

 eresource Xcel Manufacturing ERP system allows organizations to track all supply chain activities in great detail from start to finish – a task that would be nearly impossible otherwise. It is therefore any procedures and processes that could hinder productivity and slow down any work and delivery of goods can be instantly identified and corrective measures can be taken to ensure smooth flow of operations.

 Tailor made ERP for manufacturing 

 eresource Xcel has been designed to match with all the modern operational methods of a manufacturing firm. The system has been developed with understanding of unique needs of manufacturing business. Eresource Xcel ERP systems also have the ability to adapt with the ever-changing needs of a growing manufacturing business.

 Product quality

 Monitoring product defects and problems effectively would help the production of quality products. An efficient ERP system like eresource Xcel has been integrated with a quality control module that could help manufacturing firms with production of high quality product manufacturing. This module can pinpoint areas where quality issue is occurring and can direct the appropriate actions needed to ensure quality of the product. This, in turn, will boost sales, customer satisfaction, and profits.

 Investment could reap benefits

 If any of the members from manufacturing fraternity thinks investing in an ERP system is a waste of resource, then some day they will be at the receiving end. Because manufacturing companies cannot afford to put off an ERP implementation fearing the initial investment, while their competition invests in ERP and starts reaping the benefit.

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