Friday, April 9, 2010

ERP finance module helps see your tomorrow today

Provides financial functionality, analysis support

IN today's business enterprise, you need to know that your financial decisions are based on today's data, not numbers from records closed a month ago, or even a week ago. And you need to know that this same data represents every segment of your organization's activities, whether your enterprise stretches across a room or around the globe.

This is essential, because the most efficient way to get your enterprise to where you want it tomorrow is to know exactly where it is today.

Whatever the financial goals of your organization may be, the financial application components of eresource ERP solution work hand-in-hand to improve the bottom-line. This is true because the financial functionality is tightly integrated across all business areas and all geographic areas.

This tight integration includes all the other different modules, from materials management to human resource to logistics. Because eresource ERP system automatically links related areas, it eliminates the need to repeat procedures. You enter your data only once. Within the eresource ERP system all areas work in coordination, creating a new level of efficiency in handling your financial data.

The finance module of eresource ERP system provides financial functionality and analysis support to lot of medium and large scale enterprises in Indian and abroad. The finance module of eresource ERP system has the following sub-systems.

Financial Accounting

General Ledger

Account Receivable

Account payable

Fixed Asset A/C

Debut Note/ Credit Note/ Journal Entries

Bank Reconciliation

Statutory & Regulatory

Value added

tax analysis & reporting TDS & service tax


Enterprise Controlling

Executive Information System

Business Planning & budgeting

Profit centre accounting

In addition, eresource ERP's financial accounting provides company-wide integration that is essential to strategic decision making. The financial accounting module in eresource ERP gives you the ability to centrally track financial accounting data within a single framework, of multiple companies, multiple branches and chart of accounts.

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  1. Irrespective of your business depth, whether it is stretched across the globe or locally focused,
    Financial Management ERP is tightly integrated all your business needs.Finance module in erp provides company-wide integration that is essential to strategic decision making.


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