Friday, April 9, 2010

Sales and Distribution module ERP

Sales and Distribution module for 'just-in-time deliveries'

TO keep pace with rapid changes in the business world, companies need an integrated and flexible enterprise system that supports all aspects of their business with state-of-the-art functionality. ( This innovative solution should upgrade effortlessly and interface easily with third-party applications as well as have the ability to incorporate existing systems while extending its reach to the Internet and e-commerce.

In today's competitive business environment, companies are increasingly being forced to streamline business processes. In a world where it is no longer enough to simply have the best product, companies are focusing on core competencies and closer partnerships over the whole supply chain.

Here, increased efficiency in sales and distribution is a key factor to ensure that companies retain a competitive edge and improve both profit margins and customer service. In helping business to 'beat them on delivery', the Sales and Distribution module of eresource ERP systems offers a comprehensive set of best-of-bred component for both order and logistics management.

Eresource ERP system is tightly integrated with the Sales and Distribution module. This integration enables the mapping and supply of single-site or multi-site organizations. Developing precise logistics planning for just-in-time deliveries, this system can also generate replenishment orders by using defined warehouse requirements.

The following are the sales related business transactions:

Sales queries, such as inquiries and quotations
Sales orders
Outline agreements, such as contracts and scheduling agreements
After sales support

During sales order-processing the following basic functions are carried out:

Inquiry handling
Quotation preparation and processing
Contracts and contact management (order management)
Monitoring the sales transaction
Checking for availability
Transferring requirements to materials planning (MRP)
Scheduling the delivery
Calculating pricing and taxes
Checking credit limits
Creating printed or electronically transmitted documents

Depending on how your particular system is configured, these functions may be completely automated. The data that results from these basic functions is stored in the system where it can be displayed. Eresource ERP 's Sales and Distribution module very actively interacts with the material management and financial accounting module for delivery and billing.

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