Monday, July 19, 2010

Cost Effective ERP

Any business, in any domain, irrespective of its size has one and only one thing in mind, a maximum of profit with a minimum of investment. Ask any businessman what his primary piece of advice would be to start a business, and he would say that in any business, the cost effectiveness is of paramount importance. i.e. the investment by the company in anything which would be termed as an investment, should always be at a minimum and the returns which he gets should be the maximized. As in all possible domains and business of different sizes, the ERP domain is no exception. In today's scenario, the cost effective ERP is the one which enjoys the maximum amount of clout and success in any domain or industry. The Cost Effective ERP is an ERP which is not very expensive, is not very laborious to implement, is simplicity personified, and returns an output which leads to complete client satisfaction. This no doubt sounds like an idealistic state; however, it has been proven many a time that companies which developed a cost effective ERP, always had a winner on their hands.

A cost effective ERP is the most likely to succeed simply because people always have the mentality that they want the entire basket of mangoes for the price of one single mango. i.e. the ERP should deliver all that is required by the client, however, the investment by the client in the ERP will be at the bare minimum possible. The phenomenon of cost effective ERP demand is very much prevalent in the small to the mid-size business industry, as this is the sector which is most likely to haggle about the rates of the ERP implementation. Most of the branded ERP's like SAP or Oracle cannot be called a cost effective ERP, simply because the volume of work that these ERP's handle will simply not make it to be a cost effective ERP.

Also, these ERP's have a whole lot of functionalities which simply cannot be marginalized and thus to implement these functionalities has its own cost. One more reason the branded ERP cannot be called as a cost effective ERP is that the brand name simply does not permit one to term it cost effective. Along with the name of the brand always comes the tag of price, which for a branded ERP is always going to be on the higher side. Also, these branded ERP's are mostly restricted to multi-national conglomerates, which makes it a very niche audience to cater to. A small or mid-sized business simply cannot afford to implement a branded ERP like SAP or Oracle and thus they are left hungering for a cost effective ERP to ease their burden as far as running their business is concerned.

Companies like the Mumbai-Based Eresource ERP is one of the ERP development firms whose ERP can be called as a cost effective ERP as the ERP is suitable for most of the small as well as mid-sized business with a sincere endeavor to cater towards the multi-national and large scale business as well.

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  1. Very well said. You have provided the most informative and helpful information. I really learned a lot. All of those points are so very true. ERP software company which providescost effective erp solutions for small as well as mid-sized business.Eresource provides cost effective erp which is less expensive & gives good output which leads to complete client satisfaction.


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