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ERP Software India, ERP Solution India, ERP Application Development India

We are into customization and development for ERP Software and Solution in India as per your needs. We are the one stop shop for erp software and solutions. Many company says that they can provide a better erp software solution. But we guarantee the quality and output for the same.

Our erp software solution provides you with the latest modules wherein you can manage all your requirements in house. Its more than just a software. It provides solution from the start of production to finished products

Following below are the ERP Software or Solution Modules of our application

Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II)
Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
Master Production Schedule
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Bill of Material (BOM)
Warehouse Management
Inventory Management
Purchasing Management
Shop Floor Control (SFC)
Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP)
Cost Reporting/Management
Lot Traceability
Engineering Change Control
Repetitive Manufacturing
Human Resource Management
Plant and Machine Maintenance
Service Management
Finance Management
Purchase Order Management
Quote Management
Quality Management

Until recently, a whole lot of companies in India were following the traditional route, as far as managing their various departments was concerned. I.e. Each and every department was by and large left to manage itself, and have no connection at all with other departments which were a part of the same organization.

In other words, we can say that the Financial Department was concerned only with managing the financial aspects of the organization, while the Human Resource (HR) department was concerned with managing the inflow and outflow of employees and taking care of their welfare, the production department was solely concerned with the aspect of Production alone while the Sales and Marketing department was only bothered about the Sales Charts and Marketing strategies of the company. This delineation amongst differing functionalities of each and every department led to a feeling of isolation amongst these very departments.

Although there was a basic awareness that implementing ERP software solution would solve this problem by bringing in all the departments under one roof and one common system, there was reluctant in implanting ERP software solution in India. The opposition to change the existing system which was stuck in a time-warp was mainly due to the fact that the Indian mindset was opposed to change and progress.

Traditionally, Indians (in particular the older generation) had been opposed to change. When a certain comfort level had set in, as far as a particular mode in thinking was concerned, the common refrain was "Why should I change this set-up if it works perfectly well for me?" This absolutely lacadacisal way of thinking was responsible for the reluctance in installing and implementing ERP Software solution in India.

However, the new generation which is more progressive saw the situation in a more positive light. They were in favor of installing and implementing ERP software in India as this was a surefire way to growth and progress. Making ERP software solution in India a way of life was like putting one's best foot forward, as this would lead to integration amongst all departments and ensure that they all function under one proper unit, even though each and every department was a unique entity in itself and had its own identity.

Thanks to this change in mindset, ERP software in India is rapidly gaining ground and we now notice a paradigm shift in thinking. Integrating different departments by installing and setting up ERP Software in India is the best way to move forward.

With the advent of the internet and the world-wide web, the feasibility of a web-based ERP system has now become a reality and leading the way from the front towards this potential goldmine is the Mumbai-based Eresource ERP, an organization which is committed to changing the way ERP Software in India operates, and also introduce the Indian populace to a new way of eating, sleeping, and breathing ERP Software in India.

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