Thursday, May 30, 2013

Go for eresource, the next-generation ERP system

Agility is the watchword Undoubtedly, eresource ERP can be termed as the most effective next generation ERP. eresource is an exclusively web-based ERP solution that extensively integrated with all the major and minor modules to run an organization's business operations successfully. With a simple implementation process, eresource ERP can be brought into operational mode in a quickest way.

eresource ERP system is armed with real-time data access, interactive and collaborative features such as online customer assistance and, real-time analysis, as well as open access to all internal and external users.

This web-based next generation ERP system is enabled with e-commerce, advanced planning and scheduling (APS), net-based procurement, business intelligence (BI), and customer relationship management (CRM).

eresource ERP system also identifies critical web-enabled business functions that many other ERP developers have not incorporated into their packages, including quick and simple reconfiguration of business processes, intuitive interfaces that require minimum training.

Main strength of eresource ERP application lies in its powerful and complete financial management, which allows accounting staff members to more effectively track net cash flow, accelerate and manage order to cash cycles, and better negotiate and execute purchasing agreements.

This ERP system can also deliver significant improvements in other areas, enhancing many non-financial processes such as payroll, quality control, resource allocation and scheduling for project management teams, supplier relationship management for purchasing and procurement departments, and training and time and attendance tracking for human resources groups.

The next general ERP, eresource also enables companies to maximize the utilization of both human and financial resources, better track vendor managed inventory and other off-site or remote stock, and significantly improve workflow management by better planning, mapping, and executing key processes across the business.

With the implementation of eresource ERP system, companies can achieve and maintain a solid competitive edge and can achieve operational efficiency.

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