Thursday, May 30, 2013

Manage your plant data and reduce the product defects

Agility is the watchword Over the years, success story of many of our clients have become a common one and number of manufacturers in both process and discrete industries deploy eresource ERP system to manage plant data and integrate all other major operational functions.

Today companies want to enable continuous process improvement and high asset utilization while gaining visibility into manufacturing operations. Perhaps, integration and gaining visibility across varied ERP and legacy systems was a costly prospect and due to this some plants were still pulling plant data from hand-written notes.

With advent of affordable web-based eresource ERP system companies have decided to implement this ERP system that could reach down to the plant floor for critical data. The companies that have implemented eresource ERP system extended the functionality of the ERP to their production people and the system has improved their productivity and performance. eresource ERP system will also help to reduce product defects and rework efforts, and will also streamline information to the plant floor.

One of the reasons companies are turning to eresource ERP for manufacturing support is simply to get more out of their ERP deployments. In today's business environment, companies are trying to do as much with their ERP as possible. With the deployment of eresource ERP companies make it possible to extent their ERP system to the shop floor too.

Our ERP system has eliminated most of the costly manual data collection, which improved both efficiency and accuracy. eresource ERP system also improved service to customers. After the implementation of eresource ERP companies can expect consistent key performance indicators and analysis of their process operations which was not possible before.

Our most effective web-based ERP system provides consistent and accurate measurements of each section, plant and branch's performance. The data was integrated with eresource ERP materials management and production planning modules to enable accurate forecasting.

We have enhanced our ERP offerings in recent years, bringing new functionality to all major modules. We have also bolstered our offerings to both forms of manufacturing. We also make it a point that the investment of our customers gets greater visibility, streamlined integration between plant and business data.

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