Saturday, July 18, 2009

Capacity Requirement Planning erp in india

Today's customer-focused business environment makes it more sophisticated for manufacturers to have an effective production plan for managing material and capacity planning. Customers want accurate shipment dates - sometimes to the hour - even when there are schedule and product changes.

The planning systems in eresource ERP is designed to provide the responsiveness your company needs to meet these customer requirements. With these systems, planners can simulate alternative plans; gaining the information they need to determine, which parts and assemblies to make, which to buy and when to produce or purchase it.

Meeting your business goals requires detailed production planning and effective execution control. Eresource ERP gives your company full control with flexible scheduling and sophisticated shop floor functionality. To reduce effort and accelerate communication across the supply chain, planned orders can be confirmed and converted automatically into production and purchase order.

But the important element before converting the planning order into production, it is extremely important to determine whether or not there is enough capacity to produce the required order. By Capacity, eresource ERP refers to Man, Machine, Material and Money.

Eresource checks and validates every order based on the available capacity and thus allows performing backward schedule or forward schedule. Capacity Management capability in eresource ERP helps the scheduling department allocate resources as needed, accounting for factors such as delivery dates, production rates and equipment needs.

Eresource ERP planning dashboard shows all scheduled production, current production status, utilization and materials and capacity available

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